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brain explodes
dis is me when my mom asks me for the 3rd time to clean my room after i already cleaned it -3-
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Goes through portal Emerald: Where am I? Ness: Emerald, you're in Onett! Cmon, you should remember. Emerald: Oh yeah! PK Teleport! Emerald teleports to a mysterious mirror and sees a reverse version of him Sapphire! Emerald walks to her and they both blush Sapph: Where are you headed? Emerald: FNAF. Sapph: Oh. I'll come with! They go through a portal and shapeshift into animatronics and Emerald sees Bonnie Aye! Cousin Bon!
Bonnie stops quickscoping and comes with them to the AOT universe...
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HEY! guys im starting an event where we  make a fanfic  with  ideas from ALL of us and combine them! it can be gravity falls and something .  oh yeah but that's no the real event the real event IIIIIISSSSSS.... DRUMMMROLE PLEASE! v*presses button on radio and the car chase song comes on (Dum dum dum duma duma dum duma duma dum dum)
Oh wait.... pushes other button and drumrole comes on Ok the event is... radio explodes ok how about i just play it... plays drums OK THE EVENT IS T-

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 a long time ago in october i made a mashup trailer...... Just scroll down you will see it!  that will come in febuary 17th...... It will be about  gravity falls, fnaf and more?

Ok  so did you guys the the event memo? i public posted it and posted it for this too i think.

1hour later i wave bye to my new fruends and i walk through the woods going back home. Sunddenly i heard yelling. WOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOO! someone said there where 3 girls and 4 boys a group of 7. Suddenly as i look the group hit right at me with a sleigh. In summer shesh wut is happening? There was a big blunk and we r all pile up! One of the girls got up n said "Woo hoo! Epic" then one of the boys got up n said "again agajn!" " owwwwwwww" i said feeling a little twist up. I tried to stan i but i fell. Then another boy took his hand out and helping me up. He was wearing a orange hat and a orange shirt n a blue vest. "Hey sorry about that we were summer sleding. Im dave btw." Dave said. " oh hey im lela and thats ok." I said. Then a girl said "hi nice to meet you im ruby and this is my 2 bros emerald and citrine." Said ruby "hey." Said emerald and citrine. "And zipper" said zipper. "And yooooooo im morgan and this is mai good friend amy." Said morgan. Amy gave a lil wave for me. "Oh hi. Im new here to gravity falls. Im an orphan btw." I said. "Cool we are all orphans." Said emerald. "Plus we r a group of 9." "Nine?" I ask. "Yeah we are friends with mabel n dipper we r tottaly almost to ten!" Said amy. "Wanna join?" Ask citrine. I nodded it was nice of them plus i could use friends for once. I said bye to my new friends and continue to walk. I was smileing until i heard something then i saw something with a red hat. I chase after it. When i catch up with it was gone. Then suddenly i felt something touching me. I turn but nothing was there. Then the next thing i knew i was screaming and alll went black.

hey guys hope u like part 3 of ep 1. I add u guys to the series. So hope u enjoy it! :D


I got off the bus, grabs my bags and go. I was staying at gravity falls now. Every since the tragic murder of my parents i been living as an orphan. I walk inside to a small cabin and put my bags down. I look around and there was 2 bedrooms 1 bathroom a kitchen a living room and a balcony on the roof. It was a little strange to have a balcony on a cabin. I unpack in one of the rooms and a blue skirt pink shoes a scarf and a purple hoodie. I walk outside wondering what should i do here and how am i going to survive as an orphan. I grab a to do list and there was only 1 thing to do there. It was visit the nearby mystery shack. I went back inside grab my bag and walk outside to go to the mystery shack. As i walk in i notice a red headed teenage girl, a guy wearing a hat and question mark shirt, a girl with braces wearing a sweater playing with a pig , and a boy reading a book wearing a vest and hat and other people who are shopping around. Suddenly an old man with an eye patch wearing a hat and suit. "Welcome to the mystery shack!" He said " im the man of mystery AKA stanford" " uhhh hi i said" then a girl with braces with the sweater run over to me. "Hi!" She said.

Part 2 of episode "new girl" coming soon

Hey guys any ideas 4 gravity falls adventures? Btw i will include uguys in the series too

Hey guys im starting my own fan series of gravity falls so the next post wiol be the series


"Uhhh hi" i said feeling a little creep out. " kid your not suppose to go up to costumers acting like that" stan said. "But grunkke stan she is the same age as me!" The girl said. " dont worry its fine by me" i said. "GREAT!" the girl said then she grab my hand pulling me over to the boy in the vest and the hat. "Ugh kids." Stan said. Then he went to help a costumer. "Dipper! Dipper!" Said the girl.when i saw the boy's face he look almost exactly like the girl. "What now mabel?" Dipper said. "Meet my new friend!" Said mabel. "Her name is - uh what is your name?" "Uhh lela?" I said. "Meet my friend lela!" Mabel said. "Err mabel?" Said dipper. "Cmon let me show you around!" Said mabel. Mabel drag me inside the staff only room n there was a living kitchen and stairs leading somewhere. As i was about to say something that boy dipper burst in. "Mabel you know she isnt suppose to be in here!" Diper said. But mabel ignore dipper. " oh yeah i forgot to mention that dipper is my twin brother and im mabel. The old guy u meet is our grunkle stan. We are just staying here at gravity falls for the summer. Mabel said. "Oh thats nice. Well im staying here now NOT for the summer. I live here now." I said. "Oh who is with you?" Ask mabel. I began to frown and i hold back my tears. "Well no one. Im an orphan. My parents were murdered and i wanted to get away from my old town to be safe." I said. "Oh." Mabel said frowning. Then i heard a sigh. "Well i guess she can be here."dipper said. I smiled.

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