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Has anyone seen Blimey Cow's "You Know You're a Homeschooler If..." - they have 3 parts. :) And I could relate to maybe a few...(okay, a lot) of things they said!

Almost EVERY TIME I tell someone I'm homeschooled, they ask:
"How do you do work?"
"When do you do work?"
"Do you do work in your pajamas?"
"Do you get bored?"
"Do you do ANYTHING?"
"Is it hard?"
And SO many more...

so I was at a camp awhile ago and we(friends) were talking about where they were going to school and one person asked where I went. I naturally said that I was homeschooled. and I got the attention of almost everyone in the room. they started asking me questions about homeschoolers, I'm talking about all the clichés you can imagine. they were saying things like "aren't
homeschoolers unsocialised?" I just replied to the point by saying "well I'm talking to you and 5 other people so I don't even know why that makes sense".  this was the perfect answer to this crowd of people who knew nothing right about homeschoolers

This category is for true stories of stupid questions. Like the one above.  Enjoy and feel free to post on any of the other categories.
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