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==== Required Mods ====

Some of you have said it'd be good to have this list. So here it is and we will Pin it.


Repack 3:

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Any #Arma3 scripting gurus out there? I'm trying to make a "simple" helicopter training mission where the enemy tank has a permanent effect red smoke grenade that follows it around, essentially so it has a constant plume of red smoke coming from it even if it moves. I want it to be easier to spot.

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Some of the news will not be news to seasoned players...
I'd forgotten just how hard Arma 3 can be. Not just the utter pwnage doled out by the AI, but even the editor, which is now 3D instead of 2D (though you can import your old 2D missions into the 3D editor. The new editor controls take a fair bit of getting used to, but I think I'm starting to find them intuitive.

On top of that, there's the simple matter of giving commands in the heat of battle (or even out of it). I dummied up a simple-enough death-from-above mission (a pair of Mi-24V helicopters (the good guys) against a T-72B (the bad guy)) with a few waypoints and whatnot to guide me from the starting landing strip to the encounter with the enemy. I can barely even get my wingman to follow the waypoints, let alone fly around sensibly and do the killing or people and breaking of things. I'm going to have to keep at it.

I can fly my own helicopter reasonably well, and even manage to get pretty low & tight if I put my mind to it. Fiddling with the menus to get the other helicopter to fly along with me, and telling him to attack the bad guy ... lets just say it's going to take a little more practice.

Hi, Guys.

Is there a Mil Mi-28 mod for Arma 3 on the Steam Workshop? I've had a quick look and couldn't find anything obvious. Do I need to try Armaholic instead?

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Trying this again. Should be Properly shared now.
You May Have Heard the Rumblings. We're planning on having a Clan Meeting This Saturday (check event for time conversions).

The discussion will take place in special Voice and Chat Channels, and be mostly driven by the Moderators. We will discuss our own thoughts as well as the commonalities we were able to find in the survey results. After Which Veterans will be invited to chime in via Voice. All the while Members will be encouraged to ask questions via text that we hope to then answer. 

The event will be recorded in a Podcast-Like Format for posterity.

Please take the survey below, as it will go a LONG way into providing us the feedback we need to steer the ship in the months to come.



Discord Server

Do you guys still have an Arma 3 server that maybe I can dink around with? Put some new mods & missions on, maybe? Possibly get a few warm bodies together to help me playtest? Nothing hardcore, just casual "bad guys are over there, go get 'em". Ideally the sort of mission to introduce newish players to the game.

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Found an Mi-24 Hind for Arma 3 that supports the Advanced Flight Model. Plenty of other vehicles too (Mi-8 not least among them).
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