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* Very important *


1. This community open to both Resistance and Enlightened. Be responsible and respectful to each other.

2. Seriously, read rules #1

3. This is FANART/FAN STORY community. Fanart and fan story can be different based on agents experienced, gaming style, imagination power and the effect of XM influence. Please do not oppose someone fanart/fan story just because it's not what you think it should be.

4. All artwork/story/picture/media is a properties of the agent who created it. You can share them from this community to G+ and other media but DO NOT SAVE AND REPOST agents artwork/story/picture/media in other media without owner permission.

* For new agent *
Please write about yourself in <Agent Backstory> section. I want to hear your story and maybe we can discovered the mystery of the Exotic matter together.

* For current member *
Member who is inactive, no comment or no post more than 1 week will be remove from community.

* Category *

Ingress fan art - for artworks, drawing, badge, logo, character, mission badge design

Ingress fan fiction - for your own story in document

Ingress fan comic/manga - for your own story in comic/manga/comic strip

Ingress multimedia fan story - for your story in a series of multiple type media

Ingress meme - for youe meme LOLz

Agent backstory - this section for member to tell about yourself

Discussion - for discussing about everything in the Ingress world


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Portals emitting Exotic matter into our world, Exotic matter have an effect on hunam mind. Human created arts, murals, sculptures, building and other public arts.

So what would happen if you have a portal near your home, your school or your workplace?

More than what I've said, from trusted agent, I've found that one of a portal not far from my home is not a 'normal' portal. 

Feel free to share your story! I really want to hear it from you!
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