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name: Jeffrey Woods
CP name: Jeff the Killer
nickname: Jeffy
age: 16-20
gender: male
birthday: ???
zodiac: ???
personality: insain, rude
sexuality: strate
crush: none
weapon: knife
species: human
hair color: black
eye color: white/black
height: 5,9
likes: killling, brother
dislikes: jane
what they usually wears: bloody white jacket and jeens
hates: JANNEE
friends: slender , BEN, & all the other cps
the reason of killing: just to kill
father: dead
mother: dead
theme song: painting smiles
relationship status: single
weakness: brother
strength: kiĺing springs
Bio: He was originally a teenager living a normal life, but the day he moved into his new neighborhood with his younger brother, Liu and his parents, he began to change. The next day, Jeff and Liu were walking to school when some school bullies (Randy, Troy & Keith) showed up and started picking on Jeff and Liu. The bullies pulled out knives, but Jeff punched Randy and broke Troy's arm. Liu was shocked by this and was quite amazed by his older brother's agility. Many people including Jane, a neighbor, saw what happened.

The next day, the police came over to his house. Jeff knew there was no way he could deny being involved in the fight with the bullies. Liu kindly took the blame for what had happened to protect his brother and sending Jeff into another depressive state.

A few days later, Jeff and his parents went to a birthday party they'd been invited to. Unfortunately the bullies showed up at the party. Randy, Troy and Keith began tormenting Jeff again, despite his claims he was going to forgive them for the earlier misdemeanor. The bullies held the kids and their parents at gunpoint to prevent anyone interfering whilst a fight between Jeff and the bullies broke out. One of the bullies smashes a large bottle of vodka on Jeff's head. Jeff kills one of the bullies. one of the bullies pours bleach on Jeff. One of the bullies sets Jeff on fire by using a lighter to ignite the vodka that one of the bullies had smashed over his head during the fight. Jane helped put out the fire.

Jeff woke up in a hospital, his head wrapped in bandages. When they were taken off, it was revealed that his face had become extremely pale white, with a leathery texture. Jeff's eye lids had been burned a dark red and his lips were now red. Jeff said that he liked his new face and laughed hysterically. The doctor assumed that his strange behaviour was just the result of the pain killers and allowed Jeff and his family (including Liu, who was released) to return home.

Later that night, Jeff's mother woke up to find him in the bathroom, slitting his cheeks to make a permanent smile so that he would no longer have to exert energy to smile, as he put it. Jeff then killed his mom and dad. Then Liu wakes up,and sees Jeff looming over him.He screams,but Jeff stabs him,saying "just go to sleep."

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i get dropped off at the front of the campsite as I run after Jeff and Liu who take off yelling. YOU CAN'T DO THIS TO ME GUYS COME ON! I'LL BE GOOD! PLEASE COME BACK! I stop and sigh as they leave and I walk back. What the fuck am I going to do here? 

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Name: Avery (Avi) Dalica

Height: 4'5

Weight: 66 pounds

Appearal: Emo\Tomboy clothes

Parents: Mom and Dad that's all I know them by

Why I kill: Find out in my bio

Weakness: Silver stakes?

I'm not cute

D.O.B: October 31st,2005 Scropio
- Age 11.

Quote: You have to play my game in order to win.

Crush: What the hell is a crush? Why do we call them crushes?

Species: Vampire 1\3 Proxy

Creepypasta Name: Mad Averille

Orphaned at 2 years old I hardly knew my parents at all due to them being murdered by vampire hunters and was found by Jeff along with his younger brother Liu, covered in blood with 5 bodies surrending me from me draining their bodies of the blood, they  raised me till I was old enough which was at the age of 5  to be sent to Slenderman's Mansion to be "trained". After going through six years of torture and lessons I've became insane in the head due to it and brainwashed but not enough to where they can take my free spirit away and not enough to make me a full proxy seeming how I'm a vampire already and have to drink blood to survive.

My Fake Story made up by Jeff and Liu:
Abused and neglected by my parents I never "functioned" as properly like other children in my age group did when child protected services arrived at my home I was practically insane covered in blood from murdereding both my parents and their guests. I was sent to a metal hospital for nine years until I escaped one day and have been hiding from the police ever since. When Jeff found me I was asleep in a trash can where he was going to dump a body. I was all covered in blood like I was murdered from a recent killing spree I had done due to  being thristy and I attacked him stabbing him 40 times trying to murder him after he  saw my "potential" he took me under his wing and raised me to be a blood thirsty killing machine then had Slenderman trained me.

Killing Style:
Well my most obvious one is draining their blood by drinking it but the one they never get me on is slowly torturing my victims and I sometimes have my way with them but not in the way you may think seeming how I'm only eleven I have my way of what I want to torture them with or simple a 9 mm pistol if I want it fast and easy.

I love carving into their skin a small spiderweb with the letter "A" in it.

Bff: None

Roommate: Aint got one yet so yeah kicks a stone

My normal personality is just like any other normal eleven year old child. Happy,Sad, Complicated , and Confusing due to sexuality and all but I'm pretty certain I'm straight for right now.

Now when I'm in on a killing spree my personality is much like Jeff's,Sully's, and Liu's due to them raising me for three years and seven  months but with less sudden out bursts.

Playing Guitar
Listening To Music

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Cp name: The forgotten Killer
Likes:Blood, gore, friends and family
Dislikes: Anything boring to me
Bio: Nope
Crush: Slender Man


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Name Jenny
Creepypasta name Jane
Likes Liu💟
Dont Likes jeff
Years 16
Os bi
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quote:"don't leave me"
CP name:none
nickname: Mads
birthday:December 12
hair color:any
eye color:any
what they usually wears:???
hates:being abused by vampires
the reason of killing:none
theme song:
relationship status:single
weakness:blood loss
Bio:my family died when I was only 10. I was forced to live with my aunt for the rest of my life. I came here to escape that house. I nevered returned.
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