Great News Everyone! By installing to desktop you can use more memory and it isn't counted as memory you are using!

I do not fully agree with all of the terms and conditions. Especially where it says "Also I own all of your souls".

We are going to be trying out MOBAs or Multiplayer Online Battle Arenas. This is a recommendation from the top Mr. Vanlaanen is involved in this. We are taking a step in a new direction. We will be playing games like League of Legends and SMITE. Playing these games and having a high skill level can even get you scholarships. We will likely get special permission to play these but i will have to make a new terms of service and we will have strict rules. If you have any questions just query any of my 3 emails through G+ or on the comments section of the drive thank you.

If anyone has new members that haven't been added  real names or gmails in the comments section of the drive and ill add them personally this also works for the G+

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