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Do you have 50 Cent?

This REALLY AMAZING system is in Pre-Launch!

Now you have the Chance to build your downline before the Launch.

The entry is only 50 Cent !!! (Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay)

When you pay your 50 cents you will get access to a 10 Website rotator
where you can promote 10 websites, using just 1 link address.

You will also be placed in the 50 Cent Freedom 3 x 4 Step Matrix. The matrix is
a forced matrix, which means you will get spillover from both, your upline and downline as well as your own direct referrals.

We know many people think they cannot refer other members, but 50 Cent Freedom is different because for a payment of ONLY 50 cents, you have
potential earnings of $8256.30 a month.

All you need to to do now is:

1) Register HERE ( )

2) Upgrade your Account with 50 Cent (Bitcoin, Perfect Money, Solidtrustpay)

3) Send this email (include your Referral Link !!!) to your contacts, post banners and links on traffic exchanges, facebook, twitter etc and the system sells itself, once you start your network will grow exponentially.

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1-800-349-5414 EXT 800

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  Daftar Nama Team Pendiri & Manajemen (PI) , dan adalah anak Perusahaan PI , yang didirikan oleh sekitar  3500 orang anggota PI- dari 127 Negara

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Team Director WSS (November 14, 2014) Derived from:  
Africa, America, Kuwait, Spain, India, Taiwan and Australia .

All these WSS Team Director, formerly also regular members who register as early WAZZUB Lounching, 2011-2012, which is then selected and become part of the approximately 4000 Profit Sharing Members PI (PSM), which subsequently entered the Perfect Internet Founding Board Member (PIFM)

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Benar , sebagai Member WeShareSuccess inc, Anda otomatis menjadi Member , dan berhak mendapatkan 28 Web Bisnis GRATIS- dengan Ref-ID Pribadi Anda. Jadi, melalui LINK yang manapun – yang ada di PI Galaxy , setiap orang hanya perlu Mendaftar sekali , langsung mendapat bonus puluhan Web Bisnis dengan REF-ID Pribadi setiap Member. Silahkan Cek- KLIK Disini

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Is it really free to join WeShareSuccess?
• Yes! Our service is free and will remain FREE FOREVER!
• We share a bonus from our sister company, Perfect Internet Inc., which includes the Shopping Guide, Safe, Secure and Private Internet Experience, Free Ebooks, Precious Gifts, Free Entry Sweepstakes, and much more.

Can I really trust you?
• Yes. Why? Because we are supported by Perfect Internet Inc., a global company debt free has been successfully operating online since 2012. And more importantly, we in WSS is people like you, and therefore we are committed to helping you and every member of the successful . We know that the only way to achieve success is through a high level of honesty and integrity.

When We'll Sharing Success actually start?
• We Share Success in Pre-Launch will be until February 19, 2015
• Official Launch Us For Success will be March 1, 2015

How do I register for Us Share Success?
• You must have a link invitation of existing members (Sponsor)
• Follow the link to the registration page in
• Make sure you invite is shown from the Member who invited you
• Fill in the relevant details of registration
• Make sure the e-mail address to complete the registration
FREE stock • Members' will show as enabled when logging in for the first time

My friends or family members have signed up, but I do not see an increase in 5 stocks in my account. Why? How to cope?
• First, they need to inform anyone who shows them as a sponsor when they login
• If Sponsor is you, please contact support giving the details of your
• If Sponsor is not your referral link then friends or family members have used other people to sign up
How do I verify my shares?
• Proof of identification will be required by February 28, 2015 for your mengkonfirmasisaham
• Only one account per member .  Opening multiple accounts will result in suspension of all accounts .

When will I receive my free shares?
• An IPO is planned for the 4th Quarter 2015 and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.
• Digital Transfer shares will take place immediately after the IPO
• You can then traded shares through a local broker or retained in any country to receive an annual dividend

What is the status of my free shares?
• Reserved - This amount is based on 5 shares for every member in your fifth generation. This is the amount that we have supplied to wait to become active members.
• Active - This is the number of shares you now have, based on your 5th generation members who have logged in and in doing so, have their accounts ACTIVE. For each member of your ACTIVE receive 5 Preferred Shares
• Confirmed - It's all ACTIVE shares of members who have uploaded their proof of ID and now CONFIRMED
• Delivered - It's all been a CONFIRMED shares which were communicated to the members. Delivery process will occur after the IPO stock and will be handled by the Transfer Agent. See Terms & Privacy for a detailed description of this process.

What other benefits will I receive?
• For Success We will share 25% of monthly profits with all members from March 2015 until the date of the IPO
• Your monthly payment will be based on the number of shares Confirmed FREE held in each of the Members' Official Book Share
• Monthly payments will be replaced by a dividend after the IPO, paid annually

How do we get paid from the first profit expected in March 2015
• You will be able to apply for BOBL Debit Card or payment to bank account
• Payment is made at around the 15th of each month, for the previous month profit results

Who pays for all of the benefits of FREE?
• SHARE SUCCESS WE love us with you!. Unlike other companies, we get the money to display advertisements and do the E-Commerce. Instead of spending our money on marketing, we offer FREE benefits for our members
• We For Success was formed as a company to engage in online Profitable Project as determined by their Members of a special "Team Site"
• For Success We have previously determined that the first project to Launch on March 1, 2015 ...

How secure is my data?
• We never share your data with third parties ANY. When you use our search engine no data is collected. It is always YOU who decides what you want to share - guaranteed!

Where WSS Customer Support?
• Support our button located at the bottom of the menu and the Registration Page Landing Page after you login.
• Clicking on the button Support will take you to a page with a list of countries, and Country Manager (CM) information (if available CM)
• If members need help, use the Support and directed to your support representative for each State
• For a quick answer, Members are advised to check the FAQ first, Go to Chat Support (coming soon), or check the main WSS Support Clubs in Wazzub

What are the requirements and how to apply to become Us Share Success Country Manager (CM)?
• If the position has not been filled in your country, you can apply through Support, together with your cv. This is a part-time position only.
• You will be required to manage the demand for support in the State and
• You will also be asked to translate some text between English and the State of origin for documents, procedures etc.

How to Promote Responsible WSS and Bobl
• Always use an official Promotional Materials provided by WSS including Banner, Invitation Email, Video and Link Ref
• Make sure the local language translation Official Promotional Materials approved by the applicable Country Manager
• All Merchandise Marketing of WSS and Project which belongs exclusively Us Share Success

How not Promote Us Share Success and Bobl!
• ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY if Spamming to promote WSS and Project
• Delinquent Accounts All Spammers will generate further Termination Without Notice

 What is it that causes TERMINATION my account?
• Posting any offensive, pornographic images or incorrect or text on ANY WeShareSuccess or projects in it-will result in termination of Member's account and forfeiture of all shares and rights. ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY!

 Original source of links WSS

As WSS- Member you automatically become a member Perfectinternet, vice versa, and you are entitled to have it gratis dozens Gift Ideas Business, with your private RefID links. Please Cheque-CLICK Here

I repeat also include back, Invitation Join WSS / - email me before this:
Thank you for registering on WeShareSuccess.Inc. &
Free List - Click this link =

If you are having trouble, or forget the password login with your old email  you this, please replace  LOGIN with your other email , or make  a new email - and a new password  , and then direct link to this list refid = 738fc

Once you are registered in WSS, you will automatically receive additional  28 Free Business Web  , with your Personal RefID, which contains a "summary" Millions of the world of Internet content.   Please check and click this link

And you can use  all your Personal LINK  , to invite friends, family and friends, in order to obtain additional thousands of Free Shares.
More complete description, see and click 

And, do not forget, when you finish registering WSS, please open your email again, and make sure you click CONFIRM email from WSS / PI, so that your stock is calculated.

Imagine ...
Sign up FREE to receive 10 shares, Inviting one person- you get 5 bonus shares for FREE!

If you invite 10 people and 5 generation  to the inside,
you will GET FREE STOCK 555 560

FREE Sign-up => You Get = 10 Shares
G1: Level 1 = 10 x 5 = 50 shares
G2: Level 2 = 100 x 5 = 500 shares
G3: Level 3 = 1,000 x 5 = 5,000 shares
G4: Level 4 = 10,000 x 5 = 50,000 shares
G5: Level 5 = 100,000 x 5 = 500,000 shares
------ TOTAL -----> 555 560 FREE STOCK

Here easiest way, after the Register,  and  you  get a special link  ,  you invite your family and friends .
S fter registration of  their respective 2 also got a  special link - then  they invite  others -  as long as  the  opportunity is available  ,  until February 19, 2015 . Or just  about 100 days  since Lounching WSS!

This opportunity  will not be repeated  for FREE  ,   and  with license-God  , we will get monthly results on your stocks  since the month of March 2015. 
More Information CLICK on this blog

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