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Uhh, hi..I'm Tiffany...I'm 11 and bi, I'm thinking I'm a gender fluid but then not..,also this guy on hangouts I dated for one day cause I thought he was nice ,sexually kept saying "things"... like "My dick is soo hard right now..." and added the tempting emoji. Plz help, (I already blocked and broke up with him, also I didn't wan't to tell him straight up soo I told him I was a lesbian) his user is +KaiEmwraldMCL

Um, hi... I'm Hannah... I'm 13 (almost 14), genderfluid, and possibly pansexual. Maybe. I'm not sure. But I just realizing what and who I am two weeks ago, maybe. Not long ago. But hi. ^^

Hey guys. Im the owner of this community. I'm transgender ftm. And I'm aro ace (aromantic asexual). If you have any questions on what any of that means just post it in the proper category and tag me in it! 

Hey... my name is Christian. I'm bisexual and genderfluid. I'm 14 years old. Just wanna give that little bio for all da new peeps coming here. Have a wonderful day!

Woo! 10 members already! This was literally started like 24 hours ago!
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