I can not Open zifterWallet My PC, Plase Help

I can't add ziftrCOIN to the ziftrWALLET...

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I have a few questions about exporting and restoring.  The export process seems fairly straightforward, however there is only a single wallet.dat file.  How is this set up to manage different wallets?  How do i retore the wallet.dat file back to my phone?  Are all the various coins stored in that single.DAT file?

Also, any idea when PPC will be enabled?


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No values show for the individual coins

Unfortunately Ziftrwallet has stopped.  Getting this message for the past few days.  Cleared cache, afraid to clear data.  Is there a way to force an update?

I have been in the beta for a while now and the price shown for the various coins has not changed despite refreshing.  AM I doing something wrong?

I am in the beta testers group for ziftrwallet but the link to download the app in the group doesn't work

Not a single transaction that I have sent to my ZiftrWallet has completed confirmation from my other wallets.  I'm just wondering why could be?  This is slightly troubling as I cannot spend or transfer the currency anywhere else and is thus stuck in ZiftrWallet.  Any suggestions are very welcome.  I have already checked the [spend unconfirmed transactions] option yet I am still unable to transfer them.

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I have not been able to download the Android wallet at all.

Can someone please help me to resolve this issue.

On Feb. 27 Th, I received an invitation at, abenig@gmail.com, for beta testing of the ziftrWALLET app.

"This is the Google Group for beta testing the ziftrWALLET app on Android. ziftrWALLET www.ziftrwallet.com"

I accepted the invitation.

Another webpage appeared with a link to the download.

This took me to google play site where I was unsuccessful in trying to download the ziftrwallet android app after many attempts.

Now, I can no longer access the link to the google play to attempt to try and download the app again.

Gain someone please help me to resolve the issue.

I really have been looking forward to be a beta tester for  while now.

Thank you in advance.

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