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Teaching a class outside Storms, both normal and deadly what do you know about them? go first answer!

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Name: Prince Renegade Solstice
Age: 27
Type: stage 2 Alicorn
Propose of being here: to teach the art of storm magic and observe candidates for important role in magical studies
bio: Husband or Luna and prince of the NLR he grew up poor but after joining the royal marine corp his fame quickly grew   

walls through the walls looking for the classroom that I'll be teaching in

on the court hittin 3s like a boss

name: Iron gear
gender: Male 
age:Age is unknown
personalty: Is a robot, so he doesn't have much personality
likes:Nothing dislikes: Getting rusty,
bio: Found in a junkyard and got rebuilt by Spark Sighs, (We are different people though, not the same guy on both accounts)

Chill'n in mah dorm with a bag oh doritos an' a can of ginger beeeeer!

Needs more peps

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Name: Rasberry Delights
Nickname: Berry
Type: Earth Pony
Good at: Baking and Art
Parents: Melody Breeze and Jonathan Shine
Favourite Song: All Songs
Others: Youtuber

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+Spark Sighs Since your making a school book here's my pictures pls choose one if u want to
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Berry lies on her bed listening to music
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