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Hi IT world ;)
If you looking for ‪#‎job‬ in IT - fill the ‪#‎CV‬ and choose what kind of work will be better for you on ‪#‎DevBattles‬
CV is here:

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This beginners tutorial includes defining ideas, and the most essential concepts of #oop - class, object, #inheritance , #polymorphism , #encapsulation, interface, abstraction etc.

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Checkout role of logic gates in computer hardware and electronics. Also get answers to the following very frequently asked questions about the logic gates:
1) What is a #logicgate ?
2) Where logic gates used?
3) How logic gates work?
4) What is the logic gates made of?
5) What is a #truthtable ?
6) What are the different types of logic gates?

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Do you know how to resolve the parent-child elements identification issue while using inheritance in #oop ? Which one to be accessed out of the two identical named methods of the parent and child classes?
Below two #csharp programs demonstrate the purpose of base keyword for the non abstract and abstract base class in #objectorientedprogramming.
- Example C# programs for abstract class
- Example C# programs for normal class

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Do you know the constructors in #oop abstract class are entirely different from other types of classes?
With an example #csharp program this post explains:
-         How to use constructors in #abstractclasses ?
-         How they are so different to use?
-         Constructors properties in abstract base classes

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Complete step by step #mvctutorial for displaying #mssql table records in an #aspdotnetmvc application with using entity framework. 

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