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#Oracle9i: #Program with #PL/SQL

Exam Code- 1Z0-147

Which tasks can be accomplished using the Enterprise Manager Support Workbench in Oracle Database 11g?
A. Generate reports on data failure such as data file failures.
B. You can package and upload diagnostic data to Oracle Support.
C. You can track the Service Request (SR) and implement repairs.
D. You can manually run health checks to gather diagnostic data for a problem.
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Which two statements are true regarding the execution of the correlated subqueries?
A. The nested query executes after the outer query returns the row.
B. The nested query executes first and then the outer query executes.
C. The outer query executes only once for the result returned by the inner query.
D. Each row returned by the outer query is evaluated for the results returned by the inner query.

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