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Eae galera blz? Veja meu video de bf4

(Estou começando agora com o canal não sei fazer edição)

Canal Big_Boy_Br

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Meu primeiro video meio bosta haha.Amanhã tem mais.

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Hey new peeps. how is everyone doing. nice to see new people joining :) Thanks! sort of inactive right now. working a lot, and doing a lot of randon things right now, but hopefully sometime relatively soon i'll be starting back into my gaming. thanks!

Ok, so im trying to get peoples general option on Battlefield Hardline. Ive watched hours of videos about it on youtube for months and heard about it from my friends that have played the beta, but im still skeptical. I wanted to know if anyone thinks its going to be worth the almost $50 its going to cost?

Have xbox live now. hit me up and send a FR. Michae1211 No L. been playing a lot of diffrent games lately. but if you msg me asking to play some BF4 i will. ~Warning. Since I made new xbox live everything for BF4 is no longer there. I wil have to restart.~

Welcome the two new guy's. sorry i didn't check out your names and write them down. sorry for the newest guy for not accepting yuo earlier. I play battlefield 4 a lot. (right now i'm in the middle of beating dragon age awakening DLC. so battlefield 4 on hold for now. maybe about another 5 solid more hours will be good.) i'll post on here when i can start playing again. Great community I suppose. don't worry about posting thigns on here. (if ya can.) and just replying or talking about Battlefield. share some war stories or whatnot. keep it real in battlefield!

Welcome michael, my name is also michael. lol. not much going on in this community right now. but if you have any friends who play BF4 and play on xbox 360, invite em if you want to. Whenever I play (mostly on weekends.) I mostly play bf4. I enjoy actual teamwork and using a mic. lol dueces.
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