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Everyone must create a human or shapeshifter character to RP. You can ask if names are open for your dragons.

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From the cover of the Audiobook.

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who the modrater of this community?

FULL NAME: Medlinel Aldaval
AGE: 422
SPECIES: Shapeshifter
GENDER: Female
HAIR: Jet black with bright blue highlights
EYES: Electric blue
HEIGHT: 5'10
SKIN: Extremely pale
CLOTHES: A white silk shirt under a black leather jacket with crystal blue outlining and black leggings
WEAPON: Dueling knives and a bow and arrows
PERSONALITY ( GO INTO DETAIL): Dark and mysterious, she is usually quiet unless provoked (which could happen very easily) or feels strongly about what she is saying. She prefers to be out in the cool night air oppose to the day. She is a fierce warrior and extremely loyal to the ones she loves.

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My dragon Favinir.


CONTENT If any cussing, bullying, or inappropriate posts are discovered the offender will be banned from the community.

CHARACTERS To make a character copy and paste the character sheet format onto a post, proceed to fill out the sheet without skipping anything about your character and post it in the Discussion tab, you will be placed in a faction and given your dragon's statistics sheet in the comments of your character sheet by a moderator.

DEATH If you want to die or you want your dragon to die you must first ask a moderator. If you would like to kill another member or their dragon you must have their consent. Characters cannot attack others without consent from the victim.

WEAPONS When filling out your character sheet you are only allowed one weapon. to gain more you must ask a moderator.

DRAGONS You may interact with your dragon as much as you like. You must submit to your dragon's statistics without arguing for anything better.
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Open RP

I am flying over Gaul on Henthord when I see dragon scales under some trees so I land a few yards away.

The two or more participants in the duel must either RP the duel together deciding upon a winner in agreement. A secondary option is with every blow a participant must ask a trivia question that is related to the books that does not have to do with dialogue. If the opponent does not answer in five two minutes the winner can either allow the duel to continue or RP their rightful victory. Upon correctly answering a question the participant then asks another participant a question of their own and so on and so forth.
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