So is there any hopes of siteMaestro working with New Google Sites, I feel that it has been about a year or so since it has worked, and I am starting to lose faith in it and I feel bad telling other teachers about it, so any update would be great please

siteMaestro isn't recognizing a site as mine. I tried to add the url as well as making me a student and searching for it. any ideas?

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Can't move past this screen, the Run operation button has stopped working.

Please help! I have coworkers who can use this add on but when I try to launch it I just get a spinning loading symbol forever. Is it some sort of privacy or security setting in my account? I can see that some other people have had this problem, but I can't seem to find a resolution. Thank you!

Hi there. Is there any update on siteMaestro working for the new Sites? Thanks!


Just another educator wondering how close siteMaestro is to working with new sites?
Lachlan :)

Anybody have any luck getting Maestro to work with the new Google Sites?

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Is this the news we were waiting for? I hope the team can find a way to implement this in their add-on.
Copy a site in the new Google Sites
Copy a site in the new Google Sites

Basic question here. I am hoping to share the portfolio so that only the student and myself can see the results. Would I set the student to editor or owner? Would I set the settings to "private"? Thanks! Bob

Dear New Visions Team,

I trust this email finds you well, and a warm greeting from Cape Town, South Africa. I would like to know if SiteMaestro can be used with the new Google Sites; when I want to share an ePortfolio template, it does not recognize the URL of ePortfolio which I am the owner of? Is there a way around this?

It will be really good to hear from you regarding the above.

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