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COMMUNITY GUIDELINES If you don't follow the guidelines you will be removed. One strike and you're out in most cases.

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A FREE Way to Monetize Your Website! by business development expert, SEO specialist, local SEO expert and automated income website designer J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc. #MakeMoreMoneyOnline #WorkFromHome

To monetize your website means to set your website up to make money whether through passive or active means or a combination of both. If you don't have a website or just a subdomain (you dot somecompany dot com) YOU'RE LOSING MONEY!

There's just so much more you can do with your own website to make money. The problem is the a few people who don't have a website or are just using a subdomain and choose not to listen to someone such as myself whose been there and done that.

A GREAT FREE Way to Monetize Your Website

Many of you have heard of Clickbank which is a huge affiliate management company. An affiliate program is a means of representing someone else's product or service and being paid a commission through a special link. One of the advantages of affiliate programs is they usually pay anywhere from 50% to 75% commission instead of the few cents per click you may make off of pay per click advertising. Pay per click ads or ppc are ads you agree to place on your website and are given a few cents every time someone clicks on the ad. There's a lot of algorithms protecting vendors from fake clicks which even cause innocent people to get kicked out of the program (yes it's happened to me).

Here's a Combination of Both!,160.msg161.html#ShareWithYourGroupsByCopyingFromThisLinkUp

Is there a link to use to invite some people to CIB

Some are on G+ and some are on LinkedIn.

I have shared with them... the benefits of CIB and would like an easy way to have them join???

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Since this all started with my prayer warriors at CIB .... I've been thinking~

This Summer I found myself waiting ...instead of wading in the waves and walking on the sand here in Newport Beach!

So all Summer, instead of
my toes In the sand ...I've been wrestling with the Lord... I kept hearing:
"Don't waste waiting. When my purpose and plan for your prayers are ~wait...
I expect you to prepare while you wait!"

So in my impatience ...these are the questions I'm asking myself:

1st question:
Are you willing to prepare while you wait?
2nd question:
•What do you learn in waiting?

(Yeah... Here I am again Lord... Oh me of little faith!!)

While trying to lean-in and trust the Lord to align His purpose to my business...

From my Perspective:
I see the last 20 months of waiting - as the most "wasteful" "time lost" unproductive "loser looking" embarrassing and humiliating days of my life.
Apparently, I don't do "wait" well.

I'm used to being the High Power Executive Woman ...that mentors, counsels, coaches and trains others to perform at peak performance in their purpose!!

This Summer after
really, looking at this 20 months...
~I moved my successful business of 20 years out a business building, moved two households four people, four cars and a dog out of Colorado to California to work completely online ( did I mention I had never been online before?)

I walked into google+ CIB group to "test" the water of social media.

I learned three foreign languages
(LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter).

I now know what
Blogging,List Building, Opt-In,
Squeeze Page, CTA, Landing Page,
Lead Magnet, Autoresponders,
Platforms, Magnetic Bio,
Up Sell, Lead Generation, Funnel,
Headline Analyzer,
Split Testing is all about.

Yeah- I think that now makes me

I have met at least 40 gurus that make $61,786 per day as they balance their "Macs" on their laps~ on some faraway beach!👀😳

•guest blogged, •commented
•SEO'd my profiles
•intro'd colleagues
•Personalized invites
•become a webinar "groupie"...
Etc. Etc. Etc.
...And I am still the best kept secret in town??

So to answer my first question~
YES and Amen ...
I am more than willing to prepare while I wait!
( kinda brings another question... Doesn't it? How long Lord?)

Now to answer my second question~

•What we learn in waiting... is Wisdom!

So I've learned wisdom, listened to the Lord ~worked on positioning, posturing and preparing ... Can someone give me an Amen, and pray with me that the
"wait" is over
Lord's Blessings on You!
Dj Segovia

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So happy to finally share the work we've done with +Jim Dandy's Family BBQ
NEW WORK: Jim Dandy's Family BBQ ! Feast on this: brand development, website, videos, in-store branding, and social media. 🍽

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Every POTUS election year is one of very lean business for my branding agency. It directly reflects the stock markets in its anemic growth and overall maintenance mode. I still have all the normal expenses, though, so for our self-funded business, money gets tight, fast. Slow client activity over the Year Of POTUS gets to my head, too. Makes me question if I'm actually just a hack who's good at fooling everyone (yes, I've come to learn about the psychological condition of people who are great but think they're hacks, but still) and then I question God's provision, ending with a belief that this all adds up to me being a failure as a human being.

As Anchorman says, "Well, that escalated quickly."

Then my wife, and business co-founder, points out that every time this happens, I am asked for a business testimony. Often several times during a dry season.

So it's not surprising that I was a guest on the Gospel Driven Entrepreneur podcast to share about "God's Provision in the Unknown" - Thanks to +Carey Green and +Donnie Bryant for the recent connections to help me be a guest on this and another podcast.

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Tips for Teaching Grandma How to Use her Computer Cell Phone or Tablet #InHomeCellPhoneLessonsHonolulu by in home computer, smart cell phone and tablet tutor and virus removal specialist, dual certified teacher J. Richard Kirkham B.Sc.

I just finished giving an in home cell phone lesson to a senior citizen lady in Honolulu Hawaii. Very nice lady. About 50% of my in home computer, cell phone and tablet tutoring clients are senior citizen women. I give in home lessons in Honolulu Hawaii and all of Oahu, but I hear the same problems all the time when nephews, daughters or grandkids try to teach parents or grandparents how to use their new computers, tablets or cell phones.

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What To Do When You Want Results Yesterday

Here are some insights for business and life straight from my little garden! Hope it encourages you! :)

#homebusiness #workfromhome #faithandwork

Anyone want to review my ebook on computer virus removal. I need someone who doesn't know much about the subject. I wrote it for end computer users.


Pokemon Go...

I ask this because it is a great conversation starter, it applies to clever marketing for small business, and it involves magic and fantasy which I have heard several Christian posts condemning it.

So I'm curious if you have any thoughts about this app?
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