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Good things about Sonic Shuffles:
Mini games

Bad things about Sonic Shuffles:

What they could have done:
Sonic Shuffles is a really good game that I reccommend even though it's the most hated it's really fun though you would see the bad things in the game but if Sega took the time to make the game and not release it on the day they promised the people around the world then they could have gotten better reviews as the reviews says on IGN official web "4.7/10" and "6.1/10" on the community

Although Sonic Shuffle may have been a bad game and no one really liked the game at all and thought that the mini games and game itself was a rip off of Mario Party Series. I actually kind of enjoyed it myself. I mean the mini games were really cool and the fact that you pick a card and walk around a board makes me have the excitement also when fighting an enemy you have to get a higher number then them or you just lose the gem that they have. Lumina and Void were really cool characters, I really liked how Lumina looked and how Void was the SPOILERS dark side of her. The only thing that I could say about the game is that it COULD'VE been better if they added better graphics though the rest of the game itself WAS BRILLIANT and no I'm not saying it because of the mini games or the board games. I saying it's really good for how cool they put characters I mean they put a CHAO in the game and they also put E-102 Gamma and SUPER SONIIC WHAT WHAT!? Those characters in the game makes it an excellent idea to put the three of them in the game because you haven't seen much of it. Now, besides the characters and the board games let me talk about the music. The music was AMAZING I loved when you're playing a soda game where you don't know which one Dr. Eggman shook up and if you pick the wrong one you get splashed in the face by the soda can the music was the perfect thing to put in.

If you would like to look at the music check the full OST on the game out:

If you would like to see the mini games check these out:
4 player mini games:

1v3 mini games:

2v2 mini games:

Boss mini games:

Playable Characters:
Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy,

Unlockable Characters:
Chao, E-102 Gamma, Super Sonic, Big

Nonplayable Characters:
Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik
Lumina Flowlight

My Rating:

"The game is good, but the graphics in the game is a bit... Meh"

Please tell me your opinion on this game. Yes, yes, yes. I know there's gonna be a lot of hate comments but please tell me why you hate the game and what they should've improved in the game to make the game much better.

~Snowdrop The Blind Filly (Marie of the Squid Sisters)

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Chaos is under my Bed!
Amy has a crush on me......

Blaze is going to fry her

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Fennekin kin fenn kin kin fenn Fennekin (Me and +Prince Sonic. Serena went on a date with Ash and he is taking care of me) ^^

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Dark Sonic

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D'awww! So sweet and cute! ^-^

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Animated Photo

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KING +Sonic the hegiehog THE HEDGEHOG! LOOKS AWESOME! :3

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