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Greetings and welcome to the community!
As you well guessed, this is a community for all big time gamers who like to rp video games. Here all gamers are welcome and encouraged to use there imagination using video game related content etc.
This community is mainly for you gamers out there, to get together and discus games and rps.
All posts must be game and rp related. Roleplaying is allowed here as well. But I strongly encourage you share other game rp communities. This will also help other rp communities that are struggling, to stay alive.

Moderators gild and gaming knowledge.

+***** Killzone original series, and Call of duty modern warfare series and Black ops series

+Jacob Wyatt Metal gear solid, The last of us, Dead island, Dead island riptide, The walking dead, Battlefield, Metro last light,
Red faction gorilla, Jak and dexter, Need for speed, Assassin creed, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, the force unleashed1/2, battlefront, Star Wars bounty hunter,Call of duty, World at war
Modern warfare 1/2/3
Black ops 1, and Saints row,

+The American Patriot Battlefront, battlefield, SWTFU, AVP, MoH, Some CoD, and Halo, Ghost Recon, and R6 Siege.

Now certain rules must apply in order to keep things on an even scale.
First of all, NO spamming please.
NO nudity. All inappropriate content and cussing must be minimized do to underage individuals. Romance is fine but try not to get too carried away if ya know what I mean...
NO hating on each other outside of rps. and no killing off each others characters without permission. And try not to flood the community with only rps and stuff. We are mainly trying to help others out with their game rp communities.
Please stick with these rules as they most apply for your own benefit. If fail to comply, you will be warned once. Fail a second time, and I'm afraid the consequences will lead to being banned from the community.

Now if there are any questions concerning the community then ask the owner AKA me, or ask one of the moderators.
All changes will be announce if any.

Thank you and have a good day! =)

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B.L is a destiny roleplay. this one is my
Anime version of high school,so that's it.

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New killzone community guys. Check it out. You might like it. Made it today cause I was bored XP

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Let us never forget the tragedy when the two towers fell and all the world seem so still. Let us not forget the victims who fell there, their families who suffered the lose and grieved for their loved ones who never returned and still do to this unforgettable day of 9/11 Our love and our hearts reach out to them.

It was a tragedy we should Never Forget.

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Made another Killzone community. Different from the others in a way. If you wanna know why check it out! If you got some ideas stuck in your head about how you'd like to change something in Killzone then here is a chance to start from the beginning. =)

I need some NieR: Automata rp. Here are the ideas (some ideas based on the game)

1. NieR: Automata roleplay (based on the game) [code for this one is "Glory to Mankind"]

2. Scientist x Android [code for this one is "Artificial Love"]

3. NieR Automata universe where 2B turns into a child due to a virus [code of this one is "Oni-chan"]

4. Your OC x 2B modern rp [code for this one is "My GF's an android."]

If you are interested, please either type what number you wish to do with me or comment another related idea we could do. Thanks!

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Anyone who is interested in killzone should join. This community has been dead a long time but I want it to come back. I've been searching for members all over tarnation but its seems everybody just isn't interested in killzone at all anymore. I know the reason, well...Mostly its because of how bad Shadow Fall was so I'm told. Never played it but I'll take them on their word. So please. Give the community a chance.

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So to all yee killzone fans out there. Feel free to join. Had this community going for a while now but I would like to get some more members if ya don't mind?

Convince me to stay...
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