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Silage Wrap Film Made in China, Width750mm,500mm,250mm;Thickness 20-25um. White, Green and black colour as your optional. If you have interest in that, please contact us bian@silagepacking.com whatapp: 008613864314350
Silage Pakcaging Co.,ltd
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2017 Karachi Agriculture Expo in Pakinstan.Based on China Policy"One Belt One Road", our silage wrap film got warmly welcome there.Many farmers and silage experters would like to cooperate with us!

If you would like to know more information about our silage wrap/silage wrap film/silage stretch film, please log on our website www.silagepacking.com whats app 008613864314350
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Silage Wrap Film Made in China, Width250mm,500mm and 750mm, Thickness 25um, White,Black and eco green Colour as your Optional. Please contact us bian@silagepacking.com Whatsapp 008613864314350
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Silage is a kind of roughage. The green forage with water content of 65%-75% first been cutting into pieces, with the fermentation of anaerobic lactic acid bacteria under the oxygen-cut sealed condition, the reproduction of various bacteria in the forage has been restrained, and the nutrition of the forage be kept well, the final forage is silage. Silage is a good source of livestock feed, with sour odor, soft and juicy, good palatability, rich nutrition and suitable for long-term preservation.

There’re three kinds of silage.
1) General Silage: After the raw material chopped, compacted, sealed, the lactic acid bacteria breeding in large number under the anaerobic condition, as a result, the starch and soluble sugar in the forage turn into lactic acid. When lactic acid accumulating to a certain concentration, the growth of spoilage bacteria is inhibited and the nutrition in the forage is preserved.

2)Haylage(low moisture silage): In this kind of silage, the moisture content in the raw material is low, and the microorganism is in physiological dry state and the growth is inhibited, so that the fermentation is week and nutrient is not resolved and be preserved well.

3)Additive silage: Adding some additives when making silage to influence the fermentation of silage. For example: adding various soluble carbohydrates, lactic acid bacteria, adding zymin, to promote the fermentation of lactic acid, large amounts of lactic acid is produced rapidly and PH number meets the requirement fast(3.8-4.2); or adding various acids, bacteriostatic agent and some other similar material to inhibit the microorganism such as spoilage bacteria which is not conducive for the growth of silage; or adding urea, ammonia and so on to improve the nutrient content of silage.

Zibo Silage Packaging Co.,ltd

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Silage Wrap Film made in China. Width 750mm Length 1500mm Thickness 25um White black and eco green colour as your optional .

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❤ The GPS-Silage-Harvest 2016 ! 1. of 2 Parts ❤
       * 2 John Deere 6170 R & 8335 R *
In use are : Here you see a CLAAS JAGUAR 950,
with the Header DIRECT DISC 610th The Chopper
comes from Contractor : Büttner . The Company
is among the largest in Germany . Their Field
of Aapplication : Saxony-Anhalt South - Thuringia and
Bayern (Franken) . The Tractor Trailer Carriages Owned
by the Contracting Company . The 4 Tractors : a
John Deere 6170 R and a John Deere 8335 R and
2 Massey Ferguson 8670-Dyna ! Thank you very much
for your attention .

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„Vergessen wir nicht allzuoft die Menschen, die Essentielles für uns schaffen?“

Geleitet von dieser Frage haben Hendrik Mahlkow, David Reimer und Marc-Peter Frick im Sommer 2014 den Film „Aus Überzeugung“ gedreht. Auf Gut Georgenthal in Schleswig-Holstein ist es gelungen, die moderne Landwirtschaft in besondere Bilder zu fassen. Wichtig war den Machern dabei, nicht allein „große Technik“ einzufangen, sondern vielmehr Landwirte und deren ebenso harte wie nachhaltige und überlegte Arbeit mit „Mutter Erde“ in den Focus zu stellen.
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