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Name : Lyra Balaqua
Age : 13
Gender : female
Race : Human
Weapons : golden compass
Abilities : using the golden compass she can see the truth
Bio : fights for justice and freedom and is quite rebellious 
Name : pan
Age : 13
Gender : Male
Race : shifter
Ablities : shape-shifting
Bio: he is a ferret but can transform into any animal and is lyra's voice of reason
(these two are inseparable and if one gets hurt they both feel the pain ) 
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Name: Jokester (formerly Mario the vampking)
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: half human half vampire
Skills: Swords, stealth
Likes: food, fighting really strong opponents
Dislikes: boredom
Weapons: Shadow Sword made from pure darkness
Magic: Shadow Movement
Hair Color: (Normal) Black (killing) Dark red
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