stands by a tree by the mansion

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Hi ticci toby

uhh... h-hey toby... s-so... i have been wondering.... what is it like to be a proxy? were you scared when you first became a proxy? if these questions are too personal then i apologise.

Hey toby do you like Waffles or c cheesecake🍰🍪😜😝

Hey Toby I feel your pain of how you were bullied because of your disorders.I have:ADHD,PTSD and Depression. But 1 question do you have tourette's syndrome?

Hey toby can I have a cookie or a bug because I'm tired of being bullied. And I feel your pain how you were bullied.

What state are you in and happy late 19th b day....TOBY IS 19 NOW!!!!! And I is 13 now :3

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