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I'm deleting this COM so... if you want to keep your horses and currency add all of it to ^MC^
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RP idea of the week!!!
Get those horses out and have them pull you on a caredge
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we get 30 members by Sunday everyone gets 50 HS

Guys this Community is Dead please post or something


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My first Horse!
Name: Snow
Show Name: King of Ice
Age: 3
Gender: Male
Mane Color: White
Tail Color: White
Coat Color: Grey/Black/White
Likes: His pasture
Dislikes: Being kicked to hard
Mate: None
Foals: None
Other Info: Very strong.

RP idea of the week
RP with you horse going on a trail ride the there is any kind of suprizse

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I am selling Silver Dollor
Name: Silver Dollor
Age: 6
Breed: Rocky Mountain
Dam/sire: n/a
Gender: stallion
Abilitys: He does beginners cross country for teens and he does advanced Areana work for advanced riders also does a lot of trail rides I will me selling him for 250 hs but I can nagotiate
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