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Hey remember that post I posted like 11 weeks ago, I did because someone like it lmao, well here it is. Fully thought out. The name of the restaurant is "Callie's n' Friend's" heh ok lmao I'll say what my new Wattpad account will be called in the comments a bit later x3
K so I'm making a book rn it's about my Fnaf AU Seven nights at Callie's in on chapter 3 page 30. In planning to put it on wattpad lmao I had like 3 wattpad accounts with nothing on it I'm gonna make a new one lol I just need to make a cover, I'm also gonna make a 3D walk threw map of the restaurant in minecraft, that'll be fun lmao.

In the pictures~

• Map
• Security room 1st person behind desk

• Casey [21] (security guard, Btw -Fan ning heh get it-)
• Lavender [Dead OH SHIT KNOW U KNOW TOO MUCH, lucky lucky Google plus users that are actually gonna read my book then arn't you] (technically like a purple guy, who would have guessed right)
• Jenny [20] , Madeline [21, Joey's twin], Joey [21, Madeline's twin] <nickname is Cheezit> (Casey's friends in the book (Casey also has a brother named Jasper [4] I haven't gotten to draw him yet)

• Callie and Kyle
• Melony and Max
• Nibbles and Joey
• Chloe and Cleo
• Holly and Polly
• Claira and Codey
• Mikey and Brittany
• Marla and Bailey
• Zoey and Chris

• What animatronics are active on what night, where the animatronic is preforming
• What cams each animatronic can go on

~ some animatronics stick together at all times during the night so for example, if Chloe is active Cleo is two and they stick together the hole night, as with Dogs 1, 2, 3 and, 4. The other animatronic go alone sometimes there can be up to 4 animatronics in one room (not including Security room which is only up to 2 because of the pair animatronics) the animatronics that move in pairs cant go in the vents (not enough space for both). The animatronics have normal AI that Lavender installed.

Ok that's all the information I'm giving out now, lmao see you on the flipside.
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Now look at this one of the enemy springtrap

Thanks the invitation 

Music for the Cool Community Party on Dudes...

Hey thanks for invite

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Don't forget about foxy now...
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Happy New year!

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