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Discussion  - 
I just came across this overview...

the use and expression
of such thoughts
to manage and control
that reside
within Ones own split Mind
in maintaining a strategy
for defense protection
giving a sense of safety

is it helpful useful or not?

once it is judged

seen to have value-merrit

it becames an attitude
as a way to approach
frame Ones life experience

to make Oneself feel good-better

this sets up a scenerio
where there is little to no tolerance
for others
that are not expressing
such beloved thoughts

holding the thoughts - ideas
to such a high regard-authority
that must be submitted to

as a compromise approach
in dealing with Ones
decision making

there are effects in
percieving Oneself to be above the fray

fear of the fray
not truly being able to Trust

will illiciet a response
such as attack or distancing

in order to maintain status quo

learned ways
in order to accomplish-achieve goals
when utilized with
Higher Spiritual Ideas

are bound to lead
to very distorted thinking-behavior
conclusive assumptions

the system will have an inherent defense
which means
not open to question

any question will appear
as an assault or an attack

this system-mind set
is utilized again and again
over and over

in order to feel better
which of course is a goal

by not actually feeling at all
escaping into a repeating cycle
strengthening it at every turn

New Cage Movement

"A term to describe the more ungrounded, dangerous and simplistic elements of the #NewAge movement, including but not limited to: wishful thinking mantras, spiritual bypass and premature forgiveness practices, superficial healing techniques, the perpetual denial of common sense realities, and the insistence on inflated, fantastical perspectives ‘Everything is an illusion,’ ‘It’s all perfect,’ ‘There are no victims,’ ‘Anger is a substandard emotion,’ ‘Everything that happens is meant to be,’ ‘All judgments are bad,’ ‘You chose your every experience and circumstance,’ ‘Your personal identifications are inherently false,’ ‘Just ask the universe for what you want...,’ ‘Everything you see and feel is a reflection of you,’ ‘There is no one to blame,’ ‘The ego is the enemy,’ etc.

These perspectives have their place in certain circumstances, but taken too far as they often are, become a prison of their own making, locking humanity in with its unresolved pain, obstructed from doing the real work by their addictive flights of fancy.

On a relational level, New Cage connections are often woundmates, priding themselves in their seeming #spirituality, but actually falling apart at the seams, unboundaried, ungrounded and controlled by all the unresolved emotional material that they have sought to avoid. In their determined efforts to float above the fray, they actually perpetuate and deepen their own suffering, and miss the opportunity to do the real work to become conscious together.

The key to escaping New Cage prison is developing a willingness to do the real work to ground, embody and heal in authentic terms. There are no substitutes for genuine, hard earned transformation."

~ Jeff Brown
(An excerpt from my new book Spiritual Graffiti', now available).
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Craig Villarrubia

My own experience  - 
Whether it be "hope" for beauty, improved self, or noble hope for world peace, it doesn’t make a difference. Careful consideration and honest observation, will show that hope and happiness don’t coexist. One comes at the cost of the other and only the latter doesn't wait on time. So what is it that we want? Enjoy the post :)
A Course in Miracles says that we all have to reach the final point, where we “lay aside all hope of finding happiness where there is none.” In other words, in

Anne-Marie Valton

Videos  - 
The best I have seen and heard in a long time
How do I deal with the fear after PARIS?
Thank you +Coreen R. Walson
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Dream studies should be in schools. Great dream and very good interpretation. There is a wealth of knowledge in this, and all dreams, in many layers.
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Anne-Marie Valton

Information from Moderator  - 
The People On The Way. Dehon TÁU's profile photo
I AM the #PEACE which goes beyond any understanding. Giving power to the givens of Reality is the way. Taking our power back from the illusions of fear and separateness is the key.
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Only each one of us knows
which I/i we mean
when we say "I"/"i".
"I" Knows only the Reality of Love being the intent
of every thought, word and deed.
"i" Gives your power to the illusion
that we are separate from one another.

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Craig Villarrubia

Links and invitations  - 
This is the last week to get special pricing on the 2016 A Course in Miracles Conference in Las Vegas! Effective November 15th the price jumps to $549.00. Register now and save $50. Please mention ‪#‎MiracleShare‬ when you do! See you Vegas
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Eddie Barnett

To seek for what you are is pointless. It can NEVER be understood, and in trying you MUST project an image (idol) outside of you. 

Seek for what you ARE NOT, and the TRUTH shall be given.

The seeker is he who is in search of himself.
 Give up all questions except one: ‘Who am
I?’ After all, the only fact you are sure of is that
you are. The ‘I am’ is certain. The ‘I am this’ is
not. Struggle to find out what you are in reality.
 To know what you are, you must first
investigate and know what you are not.
 Discover all that you are not — body,
feelings, thoughts, time, space, this or that —
nothing, concrete or abstract, which you
perceive can be you. The very act of
perceiving shows that you are not what you
 The clearer you understand that on the level
of mind you can be described in negative
terms only, the quicker will you come to the
end of your search and realize that you are the
limitless being.
 Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
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Who am l ? Remana Mahashi said better than Nisargadatta Maharaj.
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Quotes from ACIM  - 
Miracles are apart of an
interlocking chain of forgiveness

which, when completed,

is the Atonement.

This process works all the time
in all dimensions of time.

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Azubike Eze

Quotes from ACIM  - 
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Discussion  - 
in entertaining-wanting
to see around the bend....

before getting-going there

what for?

having assumed a position
in not Knowing
what might be lurking around the bend

hinders motivation
mental physical emotional paralysis

fear of an unwanted experience
rests heavily upon avoidance

yearning for Freedom
from living the effects
of such an approach to life

an impulse of Desire

in a Recognition
of deserving better than this


self preservation

perfection tendencies
existence of
attitudes - fragmented attitudes


cannot perceive an experience
having experienced it

wanting to Know ahead of time
mental functions are required
to think weigh analyze
try to see all sides
try to predict

before any sort of willingness
to make a decision

full stop
defer decision


learn as you go
process of mistake and correction

perfection attitude
will not allow for advancing in such a way


in looking out to avoid....

attempting an......
error free
punishment free
risk free experience

as an approach
for maintaining a safe-risk free life

once this is determined to be good
goals-habits begin to form

as a resting upon Ones unconsciousness
becomes automatic
without giving it another thought

as learning from past decisions
begin to exert
a semblance of organized control
-with a management system in place

in order to achieve-accomplish
many goals

if the situation is one
where all such goals cannot be accomplished

the situation...
is not worth any payoff
having sacrifice as a part of it

it seems
as if it is
a no win situation

since all goals cannot be met


lets take a cursory scan
on a few of these goals

raise maintain esteem
self worth - meaning - value

-look good
-look smart
-be successful
-need for approval
-don't mess up
-don't waste time
-don't waste money
-don't waste energy
-be efficient
-try to get it right the 1st time
-little tolerance for mistakes
-don't make mistakes
-you should know better

this is just a few surface easy to locate goals

this became a system of do and don't rules
to protect....

a method of self preservation
in order to not feel......


with this type of preloaded system in place
how can One really Be Free in any moment
to make a decision?

all the weighing and sorting
in order to have fulfilled
previous orders
valuable goals to be maintained

can already escalate into confusion
in Ones own Mind

is split unable to advance beyond
its programing


now a significant other enters
into the situation

with similarity different
primary motives-goals

each individual will appear
to experience sacrifice

not realizing
it was already a setup
in their own thinking

will mistakenly blame
the other for causing it
in bringing it about
introducing it into the mix

feeling pressured
in a form such as frustration-aggravation

attempt to exert
a management system of control

which rests heavily upon
previously set goals

resulting in either decision paralysis
or one seems to yield toward the other

at a great internal cost
a call for sacrifice
not escaping from emotional effects

which will have to be dealt with
or managed in some manner
or be dissociated from


interactive relationships

having experienced this once
there maybe a tendency
to put off - avoid
such interactions-situations

there is a realization
of deserving better than this
yet not realizing
how experiencing better is accomplished

since prevention of sacrifice-loss-waste
seems to be the foundation
of One Mind set

how is it possible,,,,
to have an experience
free of these investments

without using time
to learn
to look at

which frees One
from such investments

in the Light of day
all fears will come to rest


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Discussion  - 
Self preservation
the preserving of wounds trauma

ie childhood decision making
in relationships and interactions

with ....
adult authority figures
neighborhood kids dynamics
school, classroom, athletics

development of survival strategies

as hypocrisy was taught-learned
leaving a wake of confusion

the feelings......
that resulted from confusion

learn to set them aside
and learn.... to not feel

as One learns to move on
by covering up - pushing away
resulting feelings

leads to Dissociation

to be out of touch
with parts of
Ones internal mechanism

feedback communication
In Ones system
can not be effective

Providing a sense of safety
to keep One from feeling
their own feelings


One can only go so far with Spirituality

these unhealed traumas
are a hinderance

resulting in
advancement plateaus

decisive Self preservation
hinders learning progress

in relationships
where feelings are expressed

there will be
an immediate distain arise

for allowing them

to be present


rush to re-articulate a way
to push them down - away


many spiritual paths
do not appear to directly address
these internal feelings
wounds - traumas

and so it is very easy
to continue to

manage One own feelings

- to ignore - not listen - not feel

be out of touch

and discover
express or repress

some form of anger

when Another allows
an expression of feelings

to be unleashed

appearing to be out of control

there is a rush to attempt
to manage - control

the interactive relationship

or a withdrawal
as Desire is utilized
on behalf of successfully

ducking dodging
looking for safety

this literally drives One
outside of them self

not feeling safe comfortable

In not addressing
the urges for self preservation

maintains a purpose not to

the disconnect is felt
in more and more severe ways

as One is not aware of experiencing
this internal self severance

and yet is unable to successfully escape
what is presently being felt

past learned-utilized methods
to manage
are no longer presently effective

a compromising approach to life
is surrendered to

Living hypocrisy
results in

Teaching hypocrisy

which is very transparent

unless One chooses
to deceive them self

while feeling it is a worthwhile
effort value necessity
to deceive others

compromising an honest expression


noted this is a slight overview
and many of the ideas presented here
are worth a deeper inquiry

not to bog down the overview
allows for a door to open
realizing it is here

and learning
that it is ok to look-feel

in learning....
to fear not

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Craig Villarrubia

Links and invitations  - 
Come JOYn us for an hour of exploration with #ACIM this Saturday 10a PST/1p EST. AWAKENING WITH A COURSE IN MIRACLES, our topic is "Hearing the Holy Spirit" and my guest is Bridget Trama. To RSVP visit:
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Quotes from ACIM  - 
The Separation HAS occurred.

To deny this
is merely to misuse denial.

However, to concentrate on error
is merely a further misuse
of legitimate psychic mechanisms.

The true corrective procedure,
which has already been described

as the proper use
of the spiritual eye (or true vision),

is to accept the error temporarily,

BUT ONLY as an indication
that IMMEDIATE correction is mandatory.

This establishes a state of mind
in which the Atonement can be accepted
without delay.

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Rev Reja Joy Green

"I follow in the way appointed me." Lesson 317
ACIM Guided Prayer on Lesson 317 by Rev Reja Joy Green by ACIM_Original
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There is a natural flow for all living things in the earth or universe ,don't resist that flow .
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Anne-Marie Valton

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The People On The Way. Dehon TÁU's profile photo
Noted, thanks :-)
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Warm Greetings, dear ACIM Students and Friends.

Our Foundation has had an extremely productive year. We are delighted to tell you that our very active website,, has been viewed by three quarters of a million unique visitors in 2015.

The daily Workbook lessons continue to be the most visited web pages. In light of this, we have now added the lessons in French, German, Portuguese and Spanish. As with the English, in each of these languages, you can view the calendar daily lesson, set your personal daily lesson or select any lesson to review. And, these pages are totally mobile-friendly! Spread the word to your international ACIM friends:
French, German, Portuguese and Spanish!
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Rev Reja Joy Green

"Now let a new perception come to me." L313
ACIM Guided Prayer on Lesson 313 by Rev Reja Joy Green by ACIM_Original
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Discussion  - 
seeing myself
in a different light

I have believed
I am a victim
at the mercy of.........

the effects of this
are excruciating

as such a theme
has repeated-reconstituted
in various ways

many many to many to count instants

I certainly thought-believed-percieved
I was indeed powerless

the world certainly seemed to show up
and let me know
that this was indeed true

compounding the experience

of course a survival mechanism
would be deployed
for the next course of action

as the thought is so contrary
to my Nature

the effected feeling....
lets me know
I missed the mark

I do not Understand

yet in thinking
I do......

understand the cause
for my experience

and know exactly
who to point to and blame
as cause

hold accountable
make responsible

for my present feelings

not realizing how
I have participated in
deceiving myself

every victim thought

has an associated
an untrustworthy.......

out to get - take from me
what I value

I diminish myself
in my own thinking Mind

of course this would be
an intolerable condition

hide it from myself

pretend otherwise
don't show weakness
don't be vulnerable

on guard

surround - reinforce
the perimeter

don't let anyone through
without a thorough search

as to motivation - means - intentions
to get the best of me

muscle up
prepare for the worst

waiting for the other shoe to drop

its only a matter of time

tick tock

on alert
never ending guard duty

its amazing how
ones use of Desire

such a miserable circus

and how it goes on for eons
without the slightest recognition

the old adage of
" well nobody told me this "

did you really........

want to know?

being busy

making Oneself
happy entertained safe
feel good

One thinks...
they have all the answers them self

having already determined-defined

caught up in solving it
by means
that do not... really work

praying - hoping
the means... will work

eventually-at some point

Does not really

allow for
a New Question-Answer

as the majority of focus-energy
is Devoted

I am too busy
to bother

with something New
I do not see how

to fit it in
with what I already have-know
going on here

even if my intentions are good
I can think I would like to

I just cannot see
I do not know

How I Can

moving on.....

I got so much... to do

yearning for escape
entertain taking a break

but then
what would I do with myself

it is better to stay busy-occupied

it gives me meaning

my value
my purpose - my worth
for me

allows my life here
to make sense to me

my whole reason for Being

is tangled up
as in.....

I cannot imagine
myself otherwise

after all
I do not want to appear...
off the rails

like I do not have.....

my life figured out
all together

it makes sense to me

so why bother with.....
thinking otherwise

after all
if you cant beat em
join em

its a path of least resistance
after all


the above
is an example of how to participate
in compromise

Once One has entered into such a system
its easy to continue...

to seek for - expect compromise

the echoes of....

" give me a break "
" I deserve a break "
" I deserve better than this "

as an unconscious habit develops
into supporting an entire system

keeping it together
holding it in place

held together
through methods

of attempting to control
the uncontrollable

of unknown potential possibilities

encompasses the network

left with.....
what is in need

to be determined

are you for me or against me?

is this.....
for me or against me?

wait and see
as the jury is out

the judge is
in the house
on vacation

cannot be bothered now
you will just have to be patient
and wait a while

I will get back with you
I will try my best
no guarantees

I kinda know-suspect

I will be to busy
self involved
to do so

I have so much
depending on me

what do you expect from me

I am doing the best I can

go pound mud
give me a break


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the allowing of both

which is in need
of being seen
looked upon

Light of Understanding
Grace Vision

undoes separation
Restoring Unity

why hide or deny
having been mistaken

there is no shame
in Allowing Oneself

to be cleansed of past
can be straightened out

the means are Given
for this task
very little effort is required

a little willingness

to learn and allow
to receive and Know

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Craig Villarrubia

My own experience  - 
Personal love, for which we commonly engage in, is a form of special love. It is limited to an object, and varying in degree. For example, the love I have for my significant other is different than the love I have for my mother and/or best friend. This is, in a way, a limited form of love, which isn’t really love because love has no limits.
A Course in Miracles says “Love knows no bodies, and reaches to everything created like itself, Its total lack of limit IS its meaning.”
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Thank you. Also see: A Course Of Love - explains the difference between LOVE and "Special Relationships" beautifully.
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