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Inspiring quotes  - 
Hi I came across this today in my daily google alerts I thought it was an interesting prospective to share, so here it is although one particular word change would be more along the lines of how to utilize the thought, comments and critiques rather than simply enduring through rejection which can easily become intolerable to and a return to, strengthen a underlying form of unrecognized attack-defense without realizing it - enjoy share your thoughts if inspired to...

There’s nothing like seeing a beautiful woman taking up rightfully deserved space, owning her body and feeling sexy, then you drop down to the comments...
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❤️ it, thanks! 
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Azubike Eze

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I think "diabolos" (the devil) means "divider" in Greek.
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It was a wonderful and gentle exploration of FORGIVENESS this morning with Mighty Companions on today's episode of AWAKENING WITH A COURSE IN MIRACLES. My guest was Barret Hedeen, beautiful sharing! Our next broadcast is Saturday Feb 6th and my guest is David Fishman Enjoy the todays show :) ‪#‎ACIM‬ ‪#‎forgiveness‬ ‪#‎peace‬ ‪#‎god‬ ‪#‎nonduality‬
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Azubike Eze

Quotes from ACIM  - 
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Craig Villarrubia

My own experience  - 
ACIM uses what the ego made, choice, as a means to wake us up. It asks us to decide with Holy Spirit, all encompassing and without the separate self concept.
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Why redefine this word? Why not just give its original meaning back and heal it from incorrect understanding?
The word "Religion" is derived from Latin. It is a composite word: "re" and "lego".
Re- | Define Re- at
a prefix, occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, used with the meaning “again” or “again and again” to indicate repetition, or with the meaning “back” or “backward” to indicate withdrawal or backward motion: regenerate; refurbish; retype; retrace; revert.
LEGO means “to put together” in Latin; you know? like the little plastic blocks ..
In essence the word "religion" means "to put together again" or better, same as "re-join".
The word does not imply what it is to be rejoined, but that something has been separated and is to be rejoined. Religion does not imply sectarianism, like it is perceived to do today. It is more like the word YOGA, which means to yoke, to join. RELIGION has been given to the dogs to tear apart people from people, people from nature and God, but this is a misinterpretation and a misrepresentation of its original meaning. RELIGION is what the COURSE is aiming to reestablish: oneness.
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Discussion  - 
there will come a time when you will realize
how you have survived and maintained

bitterness and hatred in your heart
and the costs of wear and tear
upon yourself and all your interactive relationships

and how much happier you could have been....

rather than tolerating-enduring moments together
waiting for the time together to be over-come to an end

could have been much more interesting-satisfying
for yourself in every encounter you find yourself in

life can be a walk tainted with death
when life is lived in such a way

in bitter despair for a change
that is unwanted

One maintains their own grievances
in a virtual attempt to kill off inner Joy

and there is no power - that can come between
Ones desire
to maintain such a way of the Heart

a beggars prayers seem to go unanswered

because the beggar
insists that he has it right
and thus maintains
his reasons, rational, justifications

that supports his decision
to keep his secret desire
for such an atrocity
within his own heart

much effort will be spent
on keeping this awareness
out on the far fringes
of Ones own thinking mind

but its undeniable that it is there
and it does exist
and there is nowhere for it to go

ways and means
in trying to escape it
have failed

to allow for a full measure
of happiness to be experienced

all moments of happiness
de-solved into glimmers
of how life could be experienced

when One learns to live Ones Life
not trying

to run-escape-maintain

such grievances

and learn to question
is this truly what I am deserving of?
is this what I want for myself?
is this what I want for others?

is there more to life than this?

entertaining myself
trying to make myself happy-content
trying to avoid what seems to threaten it

if I was truly happy what could threaten it?

other than a recalling forth - a giving rise
to my grievances into a present moment

having learned.....
to choose them over happiness

and do anything-everything to escape
what seemed
to cause them to rise

Ones Heart was not made
to hold in such savage emotions-confusions

and it becomes undeniably crystal clear
of such a presence
that taints Ones Life entirely

other than a few delightfully scattered moments
when One experiences them self free for a moments time

death can seem to offer
a final release...

only learning to truly live
Ones Life

learning to observe-question
Ones Choices for

can lead to any real CHANGE
of heart-mind-soul

a going backwards of sorts
moves One forth

towards a FULL measure
of what has been so cleverly

Peace - Joy

when it is Chosen Desired

trying to have-hold onto both
is a confusing conflict

plays out in each-every relationship
that is encountered

in an insistence that

something-someone else
is the cost to blame
for the causing of such mayhem

One casts them self
the role of helpless victim
destined to be doomed....

at the effect of the world-others

not realizing
there WITHIN them self

exists a POWER of

to see CLEARLY...

rather than HIDE

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Craig Villarrubia

Links and invitations  - 
I'm really excited to announce that David Fishman is my special guest in the upcoming Google+ Hangout AWAKENING WITH ACIM. David has been instrumental in extending the teachings of A Course in Miracles and is one of the few members of a small circle that's been with the Course since the early days. Come JOYn me as we gather to strengthen ideas of truth and remember our Identity as the Son of God. Our episode's theme is the "Happy Learner." To learn more and/or RSVP visit:
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You think ... Let's see!
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Alexandar Hull-Richter

My own experience  - 
I had a brain wave this evening.
I had been vainly repeating my lesson lesson for the day in between work for most of the day, and I was again applying the idea 'above all, I want to see this differently...above all I want to see that differently,' when it occurred to me that I was still looking at everything in the same fearful way. I had been declaring that I wanted to see things differently in the hopes that they would change their appearance, but in that moment, I remembered that if I want to see something differently, I have to look at it differently.

When I chose to look at what was before me, instead of looking at my judgements, the objects appeared differently.
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Azubike Eze

Quotes from ACIM  - 
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Rev Reja Joy Green

Click to LISTEN
ACIM Guided Prayer on “Above all else I want to see” by Rev Reja Joy Green by ACIM_Original
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Azubike Eze

My own experience  - 
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Azubike Eze

Quotes from ACIM  - 
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Thank you Jorge!
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Rev Reja Joy Green

Click to LISTEN to the Prayer.
ACIM Guided Prayer on “What I see is a form of vengeance” by Rev Reja Joy Green by ACIM_Original
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Craig Villarrubia

Links and invitations  - 
Barret Hedeen is my guest this Saturday on AWAKENING WITH ACIM Google+ Hangout. Our topic is FORGIVENESS. Gather with us LIVE Sat, Jan 23rd at 10a PST/1p EST. Listen in, share, and/or ask questions as we explore the meaning of FORGIVENESS and the practicality of its application to life. To RSVP visit:…/events/coocmfgk8iaq7g3s0gvath5o470
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