The latest news out of Stanford  Medical is that there are 400 virus involved with CFS or ME Or FM, They only meet eve other year and this is the year for a international meeting ...I wish them good luck

felling for you bro there are wy to many vets living in the streets, Maybe is some one conntacted the KOCH broths they might give em a hand good luck

May is ME, CFS day in Washington it would be kinds cool if anyone could wrire their congrass and request added funds for the resurch of ME, CFS.

Are there aqny troops out there with GW'S with systoms like ME . CFS
flue like sysmtoms for longer than 6 months?? If so plese write and I'll do what I can to help!

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This group seems to hav4e it all together, altho i was doubtful of the member who said she was cured  from CFS by reading a book, Several have been written and with my support at the local support meetings I have never met anyone aho got curred by reading a book,Since  there are currently 400 vires assotiated with CFS, ME, FM & Golf War Sickness=GWS.I myself have been in and out of recovery at different times,it's back to the lateses or next cure.I will not stand by and not fight this illness and hawvent since 1992.

Someone asked about Olive oil  and most people who have tried it will tell you as a rule of  homeopathic treatments that if they don;t help you with in a reasonable time to chuck it, and go from there the Best Medication I use are B-12  drops made from a compound you would have to  get an RX from a retuble  CFS or ME physician there are some great ones out there. I started calling physicians and my first response was  no the doctor doesn't treat that condition and will try to steer you towards a physician who practices head shrinkages. Don't go there there have been many good groups around like the DFW support group, Depending on where you live and good luck and don't stop trying until you find. one. and good Luck. I would start with the CDC or local churches and groups that are self help. 
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