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A new goddess has arrived in this giantess planet~! And that is me~! Now where are my little worshippers~?
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Scenario Roleplay, feel free to message me on Hangouts or Kik if you're interested in roleplaying(:

Scenario: Me and you(Could be friends, dating, etc) are tiny 6 inch tall people after falling for an ad that said "become tall and beautiful." Instead a mad scientist shrunk us and many others that signed up and conducted experiments on us but not for long. Me and you were fortunate that we escaped but there's still one problem, we are still tiny! (We pick up from here and roleplay! If you're interested just pm me on Hangouts or Kik whichever one is good for you. No need to ask if you want roleplay with me just do it :) (P.S. we can also change things up and modify if you like :)
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What would you do if I was tiny as ant, and you see me in your home? (I'm a male by the way)
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Crush you to death
I'd place you in my mouth and trap you
Keep you as a pet and play with you
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hi all! ^^ any giantess around to rp? :) real female one needed please! ^^not a guy rping a female ^^ will rp by hangouts or even kik (mine is tinyvale);hope to see someone soon!^^

hi all ! :D as usual,i try :) any giantess around to rp? a female one please,not a male acting as a giantess :) i look for detailed and long rps,not one liners or short sentenced!i m up for almost any scenario! i can do in on hangouts or kik :) let me know if someone is interested! :D

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Scenario Roleplay, feel free to message me on Hangouts or Kik! (: Sorry if I don't reply so quick in advance.

Name: Mia Kalakona
Age: 19 Years Old
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5'3 ft
Likes: Fantasies, Dominance, being Social, and Respect
Dislikes: Her Shyness, being Picked on, and Rudeness

Bio: Mia is a down to Earth girl that lives a normal life. She's always been shy and has a small amount of friends due to it but likes to make new ones whenever she can without getting nervous. Inside she feels like she can do anything and often fantasizes about being a Giantess getting the center of attention and ruling over everyone. She's a friendly soul but once she gets angry she usually just shouts since her size and was picked on for it.

Scenario: One night as Mia got home from work she crashed into bed and wanted sleep after a long day as her and you live together as roommates. She wishes she could be a giantess and falls asleep. In the middle of the night as everyone was asleep, a strange UFO hovered above the house as Mia was abducted into the UFO and the mysterious Aliens conducted an experiment to see how Earth would do with a Queen who ruled all. They pumped a weird serum in her body that can either Shrink or Grow at will. Once they finished they lowered her back to her bed like nothing happened except that they left her shrunken at 6 inches tall.

The story continues on from there and minor tweaks can be made if need be(: I hope to hear from you and thank you for reading (:

Hey there

Looking for a girl to rp as a giantess

Is interested please let me know, thanks :)

hi all! ^^ as usual,i m looking for a giantes to rp with :) someone around? only female please! kik (tinyvale) or hangouts ^^ feel free to message me! :)

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Feel free to message me on Hangouts if you want roleplay(: Here's my character and scenario!

Name: Mia
Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5'4
Likes: Teasing, Dominance, and friends
Dislikes: People, Being picked on, and taking orders
Bio: Living a normal life Mia has been picked on for her size during her school years and dislikes people because of it and always imagined herself as the bigger person in those situations as she has a Giantess fetish. She also has a guilty pleasure of imagining herself as a tiny. Reclusive and to herself Mia has limited amount of friends. Overall she tries to fit in with society being nice and acting like a shy person but when at home she despises people and wants to be left alone when she wants.

Scenario: One night as Mia was searching the deep Web she came across a remote that is said to be a top secret Shrinking growth ray gun smuggled from the government. She orders it and a couple days later showed up in the mail, she calls you the next wondering if she can come over and hangout with you but actually wants to keep a secret to actually test out the remote and see what it does to humans.

(If this scenario doesn't interest you then feel free to browse my profile on other roleplay scenarios! Or we can make one up!) (:
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greetings all ^^ any giantess around to rp? ^^ hangouts or kik (mine is tinyvale :) ) female please,not guys! :D
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