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Weapons:a giant syringe
(No magic powers)
Why they came to gf:to spend time with her mom
Hometown:las vegas
Friends:mabel,candy,grenda and dipper
Rivals:gideon and bill (she hasnt met him yet but dipper talked about him to her)
Personality:sweet,kind and fun
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I was walking around in the woods with my syringe to test something. I test is and it fails* h-huh awww no good huh whos there(open rp)

Name: Andrew Hawker/Purple Shield

Age: Unknown (He doesn't have an age in the story/universe he comes from)

Species: Human/Paladin-Knight

Gender: Male

Weapons: Gemmed Claymore "Silverblade"

Weaknesses: The fear of losing the goddess Neptune sometimes holds him back

Any magical abilities: Able to transform into the Paladin-Knight Purple Shield (Due to the nature of this RP, he may not be able to achieve this without special parameters being met.) Can attack at lightning speed and with excellent finesse due to the magical augmentations of "Silverblade", despite the weapon's heavy nature.

Why they came to GF: Andrew fell through a portal from Gamindustri while fighting a dark deity of unknown origin.

Any Personal objects that are special to them: A D-pad-shaped hairpiece from his wife, the goddess Neptune, his sword "Silverblade", and a Star Charm from Luna, the goddess from the nation Aurelius.

Home town: Planeptune City, Planeptune

Friends: Noire, Neptune (will become friends with a few others as the story progresses)

Rivals: Bill, Arfoire, various monsters

Occupation: Paladin-Knight of Planeptune, guardian of the goddess Purple Heart

Personality: Often kind and merciful, sometimes silly, but is stern,
tactful, and hardheaded when he needs to be. Unlike most others, his heart is steeled against fear and intimidation, while filled to the brim with hope and determination.

OOC: Yes, I thought about using my HyperDimension Neptunia original character for this, with a HDN Victory-style opening. If this isn't really okay, I'll take the time to think of a more original character. I may also include Noire and Neptune from HDN as NPCs (if that is okay with you. If not, they will appear in the RP by mention only.)

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Name: Sapphire
Age: 3836189497582
Gender: Female
Yes she is the sister of bill

jumps from tree to tree looking for +Fallon the Faun

Open RP

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Weapones: im no have any weapones
Magical abilites:All in the mind of man,Mastery of what any creatures
Weakness:Bill seems to exist physically but it is not there only mentally but do not underestimate him it would be folly only way to weaken him to realize the power of the mind
Job:Concluding a pact with a man who summoned him but we must remember that it is rather not a good idea
Home town:???
Rivals:Pines Family
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