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Схоже що #обєднання_громад відбувається не тільки в рамках передбачених центральним урядом, а ще й на абсолютно самостійних ініціативах. Разом долати проблеми легше, чи то у форматі спільної громади, чи то у форматі Асоціації органів місцевого самоврядування. А ви як думаєте, допомогло б створення таких асоціацій в усіх українських областях? #місцеве_самоврядування #реформи

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Poland is asked not to throw a spanner in the work of EU in Ukraine

The latest estimates suggest that at least 150,000 Poles now have a legal right to appeal for return of their property being forfeited by them or their families after the WWII and left outside the Eastern border of Polish state - in what is currently Ukraine, the property for which they haven’t received any compensation so that in full accordance with the European laws they still remain the legal owners of it. Be sure, for this time Poles are really serious about getting it back. It is reported that Polish organization Restitution of Kresy has brought already more than 600 cases to a court concerning restitution of such property.

Interestingly the initiative to create the organization Restitution of Kresy itself appeared immediately after Ukraine had signed the EU – Ukraine Association Agreement. Yes, there is actually not even a word in the text of the agreement about the necessity for restitution of the illegally expropriated propriety to its owners and their successors, but (!) the economic part of the agreement directly refers to the European standards of property rights protection. That’s why the head of the organization Konrad Renkas now reasonably urges Kiev authorities to recognize and admit shortly that the property right is sacred.

In his letter to the officially designated Prime Minister of Poland Beata Szydlo, the chairman of the European Parliament Committee on Foreign Affairs Elmar Brok openly admits that Poland’s ‘claims are well-reasoned and absolutely legal’ but ‘urge to act with due diligence and postpone the filing of lawsuits to a later date’, as ‘this kind of threats from an EU member-country may have a detrimental impact on the attitude of ordinary Ukrainians towards the idea of European integration’.

Indeed, the question is far about abandoning completely the Poland’s claims as nobody has a right to deprive legal owners of their property. The European Parliament is just asking not to bit a man who is already down. In all other respects it’s still a right of Poles to get back what was taken from them illegally and return it to legal owners.

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Swedish veterans of the war in Donbass have confirmed the participation of officers from the EU and NATO member states in war hostilities in eastern Ukraine.

Is there anything in the world worse than war? It may be only the sort of war where the truth is sacrificed to fit propagandistic agenda of the opposing sides. This is exactly the case with the present conflict in Ukraine Amid lack of information the words of the direct eyewitnesses to the events, right from the spot, are only welcomed, just like those revelations of the Swedish participants of fighting in Donbass.  

Sadly enough, substantial part of the forum reports has been subject to censorship as the stuff mostly contradicting the official version of the events in Ukraine. The general line of this censorship may be easily defined from the numerous pro-Ukrainian comments (with the wide use of Cyrillic symbols in them), actually giving a lead in discussions. Some exempted stuff was preserved in the Google cache, something failed to come through indexation and was lost. Still, the level of western countries’ involvement in the civil war in Ukraine is being visibly restored now.

The key moment in the discussion is the factual acknowledgement of the fact that some commissioned officers and secret services’ staffers from European countries are available now in the Ukrainian volunteer units.

One of the initiators of the discussion is a veteran of the Azov battalion having the nickname Sinkomies. He is a member of the Hemvarnet (national militia reserve corps subordinate to Defense ministry of Sweden).

For full report pls follow:

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Priorities of Brussels: Greece over Ukraine

The Greek ‘No’ to international creditors made the EU face perhaps the most crucial systemic challenge in latest decades which could lead to dire consequences. Whether Brussels decides to allow Grexit or to save the situation, it will not avoid huge financial expenses. If Greece tumbles out of the Eurozone, the EU will have to patch new holes and get ready for Italy, Portugal and Spain to follow the Greek example thus provoking the collapse of entire Union. Otherwise restructuring of Greece’s debt that amounts to more than 320 million euros will surely demand dramatic efforts and enormous money.

One way or another, any outside project of Brussels currently pales into insignificance. No exception has been made even for Ukraine. According to the letter of the High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Federica Mogherini to the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland Europe suspends economic assistance to Ukraine.

Ms. Mogherini ruefully notes that the EU lacks due financial recourses to simultaneously resolve both the Greek and the Ukrainian issues. Between the lines she suggests that the U.S. should assume the burden though Europe will continue to provide political assistance to Kiev.

It is quite obvious that the decision to hand financial responsibility for Ukraine over to the United States has not been a coincidence. Washington originally initiated the Ukrainian project while the EU had to join in when staying aside meant losing any opportunity to influence the developments. It was a necessary, imposed from the outside step which Brussels apparently regrets.

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репортаж 1+1 про сфабриковану справу проти Патріотів

Бажаючим допомогти фінансово хлопцям: 
картка приват: 4149 4978 0600 1725 Зоя Толок
картка укрсиббанк 5169 3048 0624 0406 Тимошенко Маргарита

‪#‎вбивствобузини‬ ‪#‎свободу_патріотам‬ ‪#‎свободу_героям_війни‬ ‪#‎медведько‬‪#‎поліщук‬ ‪#‎freedom_heroes_of_war‬

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Jewish exodus from Ukraine

Large-scale migration of Jews from Ukraine has been noted as far back as 2014 when more than 5 thousand people left the country. However this year it has surged significantly. In all, Jewish migration has increased by 215% during the first three months of 2015.

Experts believe the main reason for it is the rise in anti-Semitic sentiment triggered by the actions of Ukrainian authorities which publicly support extreme nationalists and glorify Ukrainian Insurgent Army and Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists who assisted Nazi Germany during WWII and committed ethnic cleansings.  
Head of the European Jewish Association (EJA) Rabbi Menachem Margolin confirmed the reasons in his letter to President of the European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker. He called for top EU officials to respond to the outrageous revival of Nazi Germany traditions.

According to the report of the EJA special commission, blatant violations of Jewish freedoms and rights have been registered in many Ukrainian provinces. Jewish schools and organizations are being closed, historical and cultural monuments – destroyed, people make calls for forced banishing of Jews and so on…  

Yet despite great lobbying capabilities of Jewish associations from around the globe, leaders of Western countries stubbornly continue disregarding the disastrous state of Jews in Ukraine by favoring dubious short-term political gains from the rise of Ukrainian Neo-Nazism.

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Need to send something to friends or family living in the Ukraine? Here's everything you need to know about sending parcels from prohibited items to customs declaration.

#shipping #parcel #delivery #Ukraine 

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Еще шесть семей пленных Киборгов ждут Вашей и нашей помощи! Украина помнит своих Героев! Спасибо всем кто уже помог и еще поможет!
4 Photos - View album

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ЛЮБІ НАШІ! НАДІЯ САВЧЕНКО!  #FreeSavchenko #Савченко
                      #кохання   #любов   #СВЯТО   #любовь   #надія  
Нехай любов, натхнення, мрії
Завжди в душі твоїй живуть.
Хай щастя серце твоє гріє,
бо ти і є весна...майбуть!

Щиро вітаємо ВАС з міжнародним днем Жінок! #8_березня  
          #festadedones   #8марта   #happy   #womensday  
Віки і тисячоліття світової історії осяяні вашою мудрістю та ніжністю, чарівністю та красою.
І тільки завдяки вашій життєвій силі, насназі та довготерпінню з віку у вік продовжується рід людський на землі.

       Матір, сестра, кохана – жіночий першопочаток супроводжує нас до останнього подиху.
І якщо краса порятує світ, то це буде ВАША КРАСА! Адже ви перетворюєте його на чарівну перлину, яку ми кладемо і довічно кластимемо до ваших ніг!

У цей святковий день бажаємо всім жінкам міцного добробуту, довічного щастя, шаленого кохання та постійного добробуту!
       І нехай виконуються найзавітніші мрії, адже бажання кожної жінки – закон, якому ми, чоловіки, з радістю коримося!

I asked GOD for a Flower,
He gave me a garden
I asked for a tree
He gave me a forest
I asked for a river
He gave me an ocean
I asked for an angel
He gave me you!
Happy Women's Day !

Der 8. März ist Frauentag.
Was soll man dazu sagen?
Vielleicht, wenn ich bemerken darf,
das schlägt doch auf den Magen.

Ein Frauentag muss jeder sein,
ein Tag voll Dank und Liebe!
Wer dieses endlich sieht mal ein
im großen Weltgetriebe,

ist in der Tat ein rechter Mann
und guter Partner jederzeit.
Er kriegt zurück doch irgendwann,
wenn Liebesgaben sie verstreut.

Z bukietem róż nie mogę przyjść
by złożyć Ci życzenia
Lecz w słowach Tych myśli
niech się spełnią Twe marzenia
Dużo sukcesów oraz radości
Dużo uśmiechów i spełnienia marzeń
moc słodyczy w Dniu Kobiet, życzy Ci...

Sei la donna più bella che mi sia capitata ...
Ti adoro amore mio ...
Auguri per l'8 marzo,
con l'auspicio che la giornata della donna
si estenda per l'intero anno.

#FreeSavchenko #FreeSentsov #FreeSavchenko 
  #ЗвільнитиСавченко #СвободуСавченко  
#Савченко #Ukraine #Twitter #Ukrainian #Пикет #митинг   
#Украина #Kiev #RussiaInvadedUkraine #Протест #акция 

#славаукраїні #героямслава #героям_слава #українська    
#укроп #укропы #украина #україна #слава_україні   #українці 
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