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Самогонный аппарат Смакуй способен производить не только 40-95° самогон, коньяк, виски, бренди.
Вы можете делать напитки на основе чистого спирта: абсент и целебные настойки на
лекарственных травах.
Завод производитель сагомогонного оборудования
Гарантия 3 года
Все необходимое есть в комплекте.
Возможна установка тена.
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Лечебные способности соли и света
Созданная из каменных кристаллов, она замечательно ионизирует воздушное пространство, стерилизует его, избавляя от чужеродных микроорганизмов. Целебная эффективность соли многократно возрастает при нагревании ее лампой, либо свечкой, расположенной внутри.
Польза и показания к применению

Отрицательно заряженные ионы хлора, натрия и йода, выделяемые лампой, положительным образом воздействуют на внешнюю среду и организм человека:

Нейтрализуют вирусы, грибки, неприятные запахи.
Уменьшают или вовсе блокируют электромагнитное излучение.
Улучшают обмен веществ в организме.
Повышают иммунитет.

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Share news from Ukraine

*Crisis in Odesa due to pro-Russian mayor *
In Odesa, there was a great fire in children recreation camp. The reason was safety standards violence due to the corruption of the officials. City inhabitants accuse the mayor Trukhanov. Trukhanov is known for his pro-Russian views. There was a bunch of big protests of Odesa inhabitants against Trukhanov. A couple of hundred of activists were trying to break through to the mayor’s office. There were clashes with police.

Foreign meetings of Ukrainian delegation in the USA
The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko visited the United States. There were several meetings with the leading persons from France, Poland, Austria and other states. There were also several meetings with the US representatives and Donald Trump. The US and Ukraine admitted the increase in cooperation in military and economic spheres. At the UN meeting, Poroshenko demonstrated dozens of documents of the Russian soldiers, the ones that were gained by Ukrainian soldiers in fights: the simple example of Russian aggression in Ukraine. During the visit to the American military academy, Poroshenko pointed out the importance of military training aid of the US army for Ukraine.

Russian agents get out of prison
In Ukraine, due to corruption and inefficiency of courts, several famous criminals got out of prison. The well-known separatist and ex-mayor of Sloviansk city Nelia Shtepa has been released back into the outside world. She, who invited Russian troops to invade Ukraine. Also, the Russian has been released, those who were suspected in the organization of mass riots in Odesa on May 2, 2014. Many peaceful people died then. One of the released criminals was violently beaten by the unknowns that evening. Two others were detained by the Security Service of Ukraine with new accusations. But many of them are still on the loose. The Ukrainian society is very concerned about sheer criminals and Russian agents being released.

Corruption agents against reform
In Kyiv, there was a march against medical reform that was initiated by Uliana Suprun. The staff members of medical establishments were obliged to attend the demonstration because of orders from above. In general civil society supports the medical reform. The nature of the reform is in increasing of salaries for medical staff, insurance medicine reform, and implementing of medical contracts and standards. The corruption agents are against all this. For many years money has been stolen due to the chaos in the medical sphere.

The objective of Ukrainian Communication Network is to build a network of Ukrainian organizations throughout the world, diasporas and international organizations in Ukraine. In addition, we distribute news from Ukraine to different countries in different languages. If you want to join our team or to cooperate, please write:

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Eurovision 2016 offended Ukraine

Eurovision song contest 2016 has left an unpleasant aftertaste that feels more like a hangover. It had all began with the preparations for the event when the threat of terrorist attacks made everyone feel rather nervous especially keeping in mind recent tragic events in Paris and Brussels . Despite the assurances of SAPO (Sweden's security service) of enhanced safety precautions at the event, the agitation had been in the air until the contest was over.

After that there was not a hint of fair play, instead we saw absolutely politicized performance which you can easily describe as scandal. Professional jury made up their minds to totally ignore opinions of millions of TV viewers. And it's not about the dispute over the first place that should have been Russia's according to the televoters, but the jury had reserved it for Ukraine beforehand. Poland is a more striking example. It received 222 televotes and could have been 3rd but for the 'honest' judges which gave only 7 votes to Michal Szpak downing him to the 8th place in the overall rating and to the 25th place in the jury rating!

No doubt, professional critics and ordinary citizens often disagree, but the major contradiction we have encountered testifies to the partiality of judges which has determined the final results. In this context the confusion made by the mistaken voting of the Danish jury looks more like kids' mischiefs.

It didn't take long for the world community to react – Arthur Hovhannisyan from Armenia started a petition at website , calling to revise the Eurovision results Mr. Hovhannisyan provides proof confirming that Ukraine's singer Jamala already sang her song in May 2015 which runs counter to the rules of Eurovision. Besides, Jamala acknowledged that there were some political overtones in the song. More than 386 thousand people signed the petition!

Especially should be mentioned how the representatives of political forces which constitute the backbone of those in power in Ukraine reacted to the dubious victory of their fellow countrywoman. They regarded as an outrageous insult the fact that Ukraine was represented at the contest by an ethnic Crimean Tatar instead of the pure-blood Ukrainian.

"Will the curse of democratic alignment of the nation by the lowest standards of both people and ideas be really weighing upon Ukraine till the end of time?", - member of the Svoboda party Iryna Farion commented on Jamala's performance.

Summing up the dreary events, and you can't call them anything else, we can say that the biased judges politicized the song contest and openly marked down Poland along with some other countries so as to show Europe's support to Ukraine, to show that Ukraine is a part of Europe. However those, for whose sake it was all done, i.e. Ukraine's political elite, by no means feel any gratitude. European values and ideals are as far from them as the concepts of honesty and impartiality are far from the judges of Eurovision 2016.
Eurovision 2016 offended Ukraine
Eurovision 2016 offended Ukraine

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Шановні, якщо ви не проти, хочу запросити вас до спільноти практик місцевого самоврядування - це нова навчальна платформа, що об'єднує людей зацікавлених у місцевому управлінні (Якщо вас зацікавило - шукайте лінк під відео) #органи_місцевого_самоврядування # місцеве_самоврядування #освіта #навчальна_платформа #DESPRO

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Схоже що #обєднання_громад відбувається не тільки в рамках передбачених центральним урядом, а ще й на абсолютно самостійних ініціативах. Разом долати проблеми легше, чи то у форматі спільної громади, чи то у форматі Асоціації органів місцевого самоврядування. А ви як думаєте, допомогло б створення таких асоціацій в усіх українських областях? #місцеве_самоврядування #реформи
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