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Proven System 
since 2008.

We are just getting Started in Malaysia & Singapore.Would you like to be among the pioneers and start making lots of money for just drinking Organo Gold Coffee?

Change Your Coffee Change Your Life.


1)Sign Up as a Member and pay RM3,460 for the franchise and received 84 boxes of 7 type of Organo Gold Coffee.
2)Give away FREE Coffee Samples to your potential franchise buyer and show this plan
3)You will definitely get at least 4 interested people to buy the franchise. Plug them to our proven system and they are on their way to earn RM100,000/mth within 4 months with only 4 people

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Our Marketing Plan in Ograno Gold

Are you interested to buy a Healthy Coffee Franchise ?

Cost – Only RM 3,460.00

ROI – RM 100k/mth in 4 months

We have a Proven system like Mcdonald/Starbuck

Country of Origin - Canada

Contact: 0193750969

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