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Welcome to #LoMac Google+ Community. This community arose from the desire of MILO (Macs in the Law Office) Google Group members to meet up on a regular basis and to supplement (not replace) the excellent MILO listserv. In-person meetings will be held in Massachusetts, but with options for remote participation. Please visit/subscribe to this G+ Community for meeting and resource updates. 

LoMac also has a Mac + iOS resource page at

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LoMac Meeting today at +Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program (remote options available). Attorneys will demo a few law practice management programs and we'll discuss Apple's recent unveiling of new products. We'll also talk a bit about MILOfest (upcoming) and how to receive a discount on registration.  

What are folks using to write Tables of Authorities for briefs on mac?  The MS Word TOA feature is nearly unusable, and I'd like to do it in Pages if possible--or at least avoid running WordPerfect in Parallels.  

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Reminder: LoMac event this Wednesday, April 29 at 12:30pm. In-person at +Massachusetts Law Office Management Assistance Program.  Or, join remotely (instructions below).

Mark Your Calendars - Next LoMac Meeting: April 29th from 12:30 - 1:30 P.M. @ +Mass LOMAP 

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For those using or thinking about using Apple's Keynote for presentations. Here's a recent article I wrote about why I switched to Keynote: 

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Next Wednesday at MIT the Boston-based Legal Hackers group will meet. This group is organized by fellow LoMac'er and Attorney, Bill Palin. Check it out here: 

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Reminder - Meeting Today! 
Please join us for our monthly LoMac meeting for attorneys that use Macs and iOS products in their law practices. At +Mass LOMAP.  

This month will feature a countable discussion of iPhone and iPad apps.  Come with your favorite app to share with others.  

We will also hear from LoMac member, Bill Palin, about the apps he's developed for iOs.

Join us in person or remotely by following the instructions below: 
Fuze Meeting Info: 

To join from your computer or mobile device, click this link or copy it into your browser: 

To join the audio, choose one of two methods: 

Internet Audio: Simply select the internet audio option after join. 

Your Phone: Call +12014794595 or +1 (855) 346-3893. 

If prompted, enter the meeting number 26825238, then press #. 

While you can Fuze from a browser, our apps give you the best experience. Get Fuze for your device here at

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Excellent #LoMac  presentation last month by attorney +Lucas Burke  on using Version Control in his practice. You can view his slides and a recording of his presentation here:
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