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Name: Cinder Fall

Age:  19-20



Kingdom of Birth:Assumed to be Mistral

Affiliation:Cinder's Faction


Weapon(s):  Dual blades which can also turn into a bo which she can fire 3 arrows at once out of,.

Semblance: Unknown,.. She does however have the fall maiden powers.

Aura color:Never seen, but assumed to be Orange



Physical Appearance:Pics

Animal Trait(Faunus only!):



Personality:Cinder is imperious and cunning. She can also be ruthless and cruel, as demonstrated when she delivered a killing blow to a clearly defeated Pyrrha Nikos at point-blank range. Usually, she maintains a calm and collected demeanor, and is willing to take over a fight if necessary. Although she refers to her partnership with Roman as "cooperation", it is obvious that she has the upper hand, as she very quickly makes an implicit, and not very subtle, threat to Roman by conjuring a fireball in her hand.

Cinder also seems to be ambitious and demanding, stating that she has "big plans" for Roman, and is willing to enlist the White Fang to achieve her goals by any means necessary. Often, she is very direct on the matter at hand, as shown when she quickly jumps to Roman's failure of robbing a cargo hold of Dust.

She doesn't seem to tolerate failure, seen with Roman, preferring for her goals to be successful regardless of the situation. Cinder also prefers that such problems be solved quickly, and is seen to give very direct orders, and doesn't like when she is disobeyed, reprimanding Emerald and Mercury when they failed to obey her orders to keep their hands clean.

When it comes to planning, Cinder is very secretive, keeping Roman on a strict need-to-know basis. Cinder is shown to be an excellent planner as well, often planning ahead to keep her goals in reach, and is also confident in her plans. When it comes to fighting, she is seen to be quite confident, having attacked Atlas soldiers and Ruby Rose head on. This confidence extends to her personality as well, as she shows no worry or concern upon the arrival of Qrow, who has been tracking their actions. She claims that Ozpin's Group have no idea who she, or the rest are, confident that their identity as the group who infiltrated Beacon Academy is still secret. However, as skilled and strong as she is, powerful warriors such as Ruby and Pyrrha have been able to land hits on her, meaning she is not completely invulnerable.

Additionally, she is aware of the weaknesses of her plan. Accordingly, she assigns specific instructions to her subordinates, in order to prevent them from being exploited against her. For example, in her plan to frame Yang and cause an international incident, she instructed Mercury to keep himself hidden after the group escaped to an unknown location, with Cinder disguised as a paramedic.

She also has a low tolerance for margin of error, as she instructs her followers to follow the plan as perfectly as possible, when creating the ambush against Amber, stealing part of her Maiden powers.

It seems that Cinder has a desire for power and dominance, as she states in a flashback that she wants to be feared. She enjoys demonstrating the power she has by imposing others under herself, like when she threatened Torchwick and mocked Pyrrha after she defeated the latter. She showed disdain when Pyrrha defied her one last time before her death, suggesting that Cinder expected a different kind of reaction.
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Other:Cinder survived the tower event, and is now somewhere  in Mistral recovering. if youd like to rp with me, ask about it.
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