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So I see Brooklyn was doing big things. Maybe it's time I dusted myself off and came back out to play. 😆

Most of the Enlightened has switched to the other side based on the betrayal of other enlightened some of them myself included are still green for the time being. But I see there's a bunch of new guys so feel free to ask any questions you may have.

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I received this information from a dead drop a couple hours ago provided by an anonymous source.

If it's legitimate then it looks like the previous leak about metrics collected in #Ingress  by  #Niantic  were correct.  Based on the details provided here, it looks like the preliminary plan is to have agents able to unlock these #achievement   #badges  inside their scanners based on five levels of activity: bronze, silver, gold, black and platinum.

The areas for the rewards appear to be: Total Successful New Portal Submissions, Total Resonators Deployed, Total Links Created, Total Portals Captured, Total Control Fields Created, Unique Portals Captured, Unique Portals Visited, Total Hacks, Total Resonators Destroyed, and Sustained Portal Ownership.

In addition to the previous leak about metrics collected this should certainly help to revitalize interest, giving us all something to work towards.  Who will be the first to get a platinum level badge?

What do you think?  Any additional achievements that you would like to see?

Penn st is clear from the park to west wyomissing.

Someone go get it. Easy ap. Its all grey.

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Woooo....   now.... i need to make room in inventory  ASAP...

L4's -  290+    
L5's -  59+  
L6's -  56+

COME AND GET THEM -  before I recycle them to make room!!!!  :D
As reported by Agents and initially leaked by INGRESS REPORT | #Cassandra - The Finale - EP23, Agent activity at global hotspots during Operation #Cassandra seems to have caused a kind of XM fracturing. All Portals are affected, and will drop Resonators and Xmps at heightened levels for the next 96 hours.


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Agents who scout local Portals that are accepted and brought online will now receive that Portal Key and 500 AP. Agents can also gain 100 AP by taking and transmitting additional Portal photos. For steps on scouting Portals near you, see


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Google just quietly dropped the Nexus 4 to $199 off contract. That's not even a typo. Holy smokes.

Your move, iPhone 5C. Also, bring on the next Nexus!

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Very exciting news for Niantic Lab's #Ingress  game - the rumour birdies are twittering that long-awaited individual stats and achievements may be making their way into the game soon.

Statistics calculated by:
- all time (presumably)
- last 30 days
- last 7 days

Metrics calculated:
- Unique Portals Visited
- # of Hacks
- Resonators Deployed
- Links Created
- Control Fields Created
- Cumulative Mind Units Controlled
- Longest Link Ever Created
- Most Mind Units in a Field
- Resonators Destroyed
- Portals Neutralized
- Enemy Links Destroyed
- Enemy Control Fields Destroyed
- Max Consecutive Days Portal Held
- Max Consecutive Days Link Maintained
- Max Link Length x Days
- Max Consecutive Days Region Held
- Max Field Mind Units x Days

Achievements will be tied into this (likely) but details remain elusive for the moment.  Every achievement will award a "badge" which will have 4 levels (think: bronze, silver, gold, black; or 400, 800, 1200, 2000).

I'd hope that we'd see badges for things like "portals hacked in a week" and "fields created in a month" (for example).

I especially like the idea of a separate calculation multiplied by days.

I expect that this will greatly serve to revitalize interest in the game, and give a much clearer mechanism for competitions and local games.

Fantastic work #nianticlabs  !
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