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Welcome to this group. It is quite small, right now, but we'll (hopefully) get more users.
Moderators wanted! More info comes when i have 10 group members.
-No Porn or anything like that
-No spaming
-Try begin active
-Use common sense.
-Respect everyone.
-Have fun
•RP is allowed, and apprechiated(may be wrongly spelled XD)
•If you have a 3ds or Wii U, Friend Code sharing is allowed.
•Small amounts of of-topic is allowed(like other animes like One Piece, Other Nintendo games, etc.)
•Active and friendly users has higher chanses of getting promoted. So does my friends.
•And again, do not advert this group on places where it ain't allowed.
•Memes are Really apprechiated.
•Limited adverting is allowed, as long as it is only adverted once, and has things with thos group in common or if someone asks you to advert that group.

Moderator/Owner list: Me, +Goku Vegeta

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Made by Me.
What do you think about this?

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I'm the owner now

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👉👇👆👈 what are those?!

I've got a brilliant idea! We'll make a game, and the story is written by the group members, and the characters are us! Would you support this idea?
I can try coding it.

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