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Call your US Representative and Senators, get activated, work for improved Medicare for all. Dr Margaret Flowers of the GPUS lays it out in her video response to Trump's speech to Congress. She also answers questions from her viewers. My transcription of her video, and a link to my upload of the video, can be found at The Progressive Flame, here:

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Forever a GREEN Party Member NOW.

This happened last night on FB. 'Byron Clemens" (local yokel in StLouis- suggesting that everyone vote for #HillaryCheats)

I replied: "surely you're not saying to vote for a cheater? That is directly against the Mid Western values that I was raised with. Honesty First. Everything else will work itself out.
The way I look at it: All govt officials are either Guilty by Collusion or Guilty by Not speaking up and doing the right thing and speaking out against the blatant Fraud of the DNC. And you can't tell me the Primaries weren't rigged YOUR OWN PARTY admits they were.

If everyone is so worried about Trumpet: should have nominated the Guy who beat him with #BernieSanders. Now I have a feeling you and the rest of the DNC are going to #FeelTheBurn and I say its deserving."

He replied: Byron Clemens- "Bernie has endorsed, with enthusiasm, HRC."

ME: "and why was that? #ClintonBodyCount #ClintonHitList or did he realize that: if#HillaryForPrison happens he holds the next spot. Answer the question above.
You want me to vote for a Cheater to the USA highest Office....what and the hell kind of example would that be for the kids? Its ok to cheat? %##@@#%#^ that."

Byron Clemens replied: "Vote your conscience."

That statement made my mind up completely I am Voting a Straight #GreenPartyticket I was going to vote for a few Dems. But not any more. I am sick of the Democratic Party who doesn't have the gonads to stand up to corruption- especially when the DNC admitted the Primary was Rigged.
Forever a GREEN Party Member NOW.

As Posted here:

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maybe interesting hit piece about jill stein? try to watch the whole thing, i bet you'll stop it more than once and think twice before watching anything on HBO? first they ignore, then they laugh at you, then? "..Third Parties: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)..":

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To All progressive and all who want real change and real media come support the movement for true democracy !
Come support the Left Side Network YouTube channel! Let's get this independent media revolution started!


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It's up to us as a people to ensure that we have real democracy in this country we are the 99% ! Let's get this video shared and this hashtag passed around! #opendebates
I'm not going to Stop until there's #OpenDebates !

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The Presidential Debate Commission has demonstrated its unwillingness to allow alternative ideas on the stage. It is necessary to perform an end run around them.

Recently, the Brits had a 7 way debate.

We could construct a 7 way debate in conjunction with 9 to 14 of the other top parties.

I believe it is too late for this election cycle. But, quietly invite the top 10 parties (including the Democrats & Republicans - they will refuse) to send a candidate to a debate of top parties. Invite from the top to the bottom (in previous election cycle vote count). See for a list of parties.

Be accommodating to parties that are late to agree. But don`t bend over backwards. That is, don`t allow them on stage if they change their minds 10 minutes (for example) before the debate.

Any party`s candidate that leaves the stage during the debate will not be allowed back on stage, and a standby candidate from the remaining parties (of the 10 to 15) will be inserted.

After signing on at least 10 to 15 parties for the debate, work through a list of top broadcasters, one by one and secretly, to ask whether they would like exclusive rights to the debate with no right to cancel the debate.

If desired, schedule a series of debates, with whichever candidates and broadcasters are available for each.

If an exclusive broadcast agreement cannot be secured, use an Internet streaming service that can handle the traffic of a large percentage of Americans (and a reasonable percentage of the rest of the world) with as broad of distribution rights as possible (destroying much of the value that could have been had by the broadcasters that refused).

Choose a very respectable name for the non-profit that would run the operation, such as, "the National Election Debate Society", "the National Election Debate Association", or "United States Election Debate Authority".

And, make certain to make a big thing of promoting the debate(s) and the name of the organization, but only after the candidates & broadcaster(s) are lined up. Otherwise, very hush hush. But don`t get cheesy in promoting.

And as the debate approaches, make sure that candidates that are onboard take rhetorical jabs at the top parties who have refused to participate, in order to goad them to participate. Point out how afraid they are to debate 7 at a time.

Proper implementation of this formula would spell the end of the Presidential Debate Commission.

The organization could eventually expand into senatorial and congressional election debates.

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Come Check us out we want ALL 3rd parties involved!

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"..Jill Stein ..Oxford Union ..would you describe yourself as a socialist ..if ..or ..uh ..democracy applied to the economy? ..yes, bring it on..":
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