Can we get the source code?

This is my best game ever. I have played it more times than I would like to admit... However, I recently got an iphone and I cannot find the game. Some horrible kenken-game with the same name pop-ups in "istore", but not this one. Do I search wrongly, or is it not available om iphone?

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Dear developrrs,

Is it possible to extend the preference settings with a checkbox to prevent that unfair play can occur.
It now happens while i'm playing and i still don't know why.. Is assume that it happens when i switch between key-in and possibilities mode and hit some wrong icon.


All the problem statistics disappeared. Why it this so..?
Solved a problem (9×9), but game stats did not show up (duration, start date/time, end date/time, etc.)

I just hit my best 7x7 time ever, but no leaderboard options popped up. What's the deal?

Love the game too!
So, ive been playing 8x8s for the last few days. Im logged into my google acct, but my times arent showing up on the leader board. I only sorta care, but any idea why?

Any chance that we can move the maybe toggle to the number key section below? I keep hitting the "check for errors" button by mistake. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks!
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