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Would you read a book like this?

Brotherhood A Re-Introduction:
Let us begin…
There once was a noble profession known as firefighting and then those who loved it most fought for it the least. Their once unstoppable passion for the calling was replaced with the search for fame, recognition, and authority. Division replaced unity, bitterness replaced brotherhood, the calling became a career, and firefighters became employees and those who sought fame became hypocrites. All the while politics and policy makers saw this as an opportunity to continue to divide us. For if we are divided searching for our own success, our focus is distracted, and our strength is diminished due to our loss of the greatest tradition in the fire service:
This is not a fictional story. This is the slow erosion of our values and beliefs right in front of our very eyes. Many have chosen to ignore it, and not believe that it is true but consider for a moment about the following questions:
Are you tired of the negativity in the fire service? Have you noticed the increasing trend of our brothers and sisters struggling? Do you believe that we do a great job of helping others but fail at helping one another sometimes? Have ever felt this way? Has your once passionate desire for the fire service been diminished by others? Do you feel abandoned?
If you answered yes to any of these questions then I pray that the words to come will speak to your heart:
“For a brief moment I abandoned you, but with deep compassion, I will bring you back” Isaiah 54:7

Several years ago, God put a burden on a firefighter's heart. The fire service had become a spiritual detriment but then God opened the eyes of that blind firefighter and showed him what it truly is:

A great spiritual opportunity to encourage one another!

With that in mind, God began the process. He wiped away the bitterness that had become part of the soul. He replaced it with compassion for those who had hurt, betrayed, and drained the soul of this lost firefighter. 

This Lost Firefighter has been found and has begun to see others as God sees them. 

Firefighters everywhere are hurting, they need encouragement, and the painful realization that occurred is that God had not failed them. It was the firefighter who had failed. He chose to let the world drain his passion. He allowed others to change his attitude. He drank the poison of bitterness and blamed the world. 
Does this sound familiar to you? 

You are not alone…
This book was written to encourage firefighters with the hope of Jesus Christ. This message will be shared through the vulnerable and often painful moments that we all face. The power of a testimony showing that you can endure, you can make a difference, and no matter the circumstances:

"Nothing is impossible with God."

Through the power of sharing our lives and what God has done; therein lies the bridge to connect to our brothers & sisters who feel lost.

If you have felt the call, the inner desire to do something more, here is an offering. An offering of one firefighters desire to light a fire in others; the offering of a broken heart that has been healed through Jesus Christ.  An offering of pain, tears, and tribulation as an open book to you in the hopes that you will look to the one who will always provide.  

The mission and prayerful hope of this book is this:
If you have become lost that you will come home. Know that there is one who is searching for you and He wants you to come back home. The Ultimate Primary Search is being conducted for your heart and He will not stop until you are found. He offers you hope, comfort, and encouragement that the world can never take away. Begin your journey home today. Don't let the world destroy our calling, let's Bring Back Brotherhood one changed life at a time. Let us begin the journey home together back to where we belong for in the fire service we do nothing alone. 

Hello, ladys and gents.
Just want to let you know that "Bibliografia de Socorro" is a Portuguese website with tons of free shared educational documents in the FCRS area.
If you want to, have a look at the website or follow us here, at Google+. No spam, no malware, no bad things to you or your machine! Only the will to share knowledge around the web!
You also can help sharing your documents! Contact us! We would appreciate that!!! :)

Have any Fire Instructors looked into the ability to connect with other local Instructors in their area via Google Hangouts On Air?  I would like to start a discussion about load sharing locally.  If your department is like mine, the Training Division is understaffed.  Through HOA (Hangouts On Air) we could collaborate and create materials common to all that we could share.  An example would be County protocols for Advanced Life Support or Geographical knowledge that everyone would benefit involved .

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Hey, we got some instructors here now, 26 members and I thought Google+ was entirely dead!:-)

I am a fire instructor in Sweden, I also run as my hobby.
If you have any questions or requests about firefighting or fire instructing I am happy to be of service!

Be safe and never stop to learn!

hi all fellow fireries
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