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(Pinterest Local Question) 
Hi everybody,
I have a local client here in Brazil and I’m going to be setting up several social media accounts for her.  My goal is to get her some visibility on Pinterest with a local customer base that would be interested in what she has to offer. The problem is that, it’s easier for me to target local on Twitter because of Twitter advanced search and other tools.  It’s also waaaaay easier to target on Facebook with ads. 
But when it comes to the search feature on Pinterest, if I type in the name of the city, it gives me boards about the city, it gives me pinners that so happen to have the name of the city in their name or pins about the city. It doesn’t just give me users that are located in the city. 
A workaround that I “could” use to finding pinners in the city is finding local businesses and following their followers. The problem is that many of those pinners haven’t been active in over a year so they are not engaged. Plus it takes too much time to find these active pinners (too many steps). 
I’ve also already come up with the idea of searching on Twitter who is tweeting out pins from the city I’m targeting… but this only goes so far. There’s not a whole lot of tweeting out pins of the city I’m targeting.
I have also used Facebook graph search to find people that have liked Pinterest and are in the city I am targeting; fans of Pinterest who live in x-city.  But again this is very time consuming because I have to go find these people on Pinterest after I have found them on Facebook.
I’ve also tried to search through Google search operators but I’m having to weed through a LOT of completely irrelevant stuff to actually find someone targeted to my client’s ideal customer.
Does anyone know a less time consuming way to target Pinterest users locally that are actually active on the platform? 
Would really appreciate any input 💖
+Eren Mckay 

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A review of online image tools to create your own picture quotes for posting to Pinterest

hi, I just got a mail from Pinterest - We want to feature businesses who use their Pinterest boards creatively, and we thought your business would be a good fit. ?
Any one has experience with this?

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The Benefits or Pinterest Rich Pins + Full Guide

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Are you using Rich Pins? Have you got any tips how to quickly implement them? Have you experienced any effects of Rich Pins on your traffic, engagement or bottom line? I would love to hear your thoughts - every opinion counts

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