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Welcome to crossing worlds where being from all universes can... cross over...
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Tag for PF approval (depending on the world):
(Gaia, Apocalypse, Strife): +Purple Insect​​
(Neo Deus): +Risen Swan​​
(Misc): +Purple Insect​​ (and I'll just tag the person who owns the world for final Approval)

Tag to bother when it comes to Guidelines being crossed: +Purple Insect​​

Tag for Misc (Ruling on how a questionable outcome should be handled, etc): +Purple Insect​​ +Risen Swan​​ +Joaquin Olivera​​ +tye fenenga​​

Hello anyone still alive?

(open RP)

As the people of Empyrean wake up, they find a surprise they never expected a silver scaled dragon was sleeping in the center of their city, but no one knew what to do about the sleeping dragon, some wanted the dragon put in cage and studied others wanted the dragon just to be left alone in fear that if they disturbed the dragon it may start destroying the city.

[Time: 12:30p.m.]
[Location: Gaia]
[Open to +Purple Insect, and +Taelien Taemin everyone else ask first]
It was morning when Zemani was walking around all alone as she is exhausted and tired because she has been walking forever so she sits down and sighs as she looks around and lays down, as she is laying down she decides to close her eyes as she hears footsteps in the distance but she doesn't do anything as she keeps laying down with her eyes closed as she sighs again and she then opens her eyes again and sits up
Zemani: I'm so bored and I really need something to do.
She looks around again as the footsteps get closer but she isn't bothered at all

Anyone want to roleplay I'm bored and need something to do.

It's been a while

Hey +Michael Klim​, ya wanna RP like the good ol days :U

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[Another Failure]
[Type: Expositional]
[Location, Unknown]
[Characters: The Doctor, "Imori"]

months since the outlaw of necromantic magic experimentation, formerly something used for medical purposes and the study of diseases, no longer could the death magi who dug up bodies could they study such specimens for the betterment of Gaia, the core of death magic has almost died, some death magi turned to white necromancy as a safer alternative, only as so they can no longer use the more risky magic and possibly get arrested for the inhumane acts of life extension

but only a handful could leave Empyrean with the knowledge they had...

Awoken... he looked left... and right... a dark room with only a few candles lighting the darkness... quiet... the tables were filled with chemicals, arcanic runes and many many instruments... he, the kin of the maelstrom was tied down to a table... he was unable to move, and the only thing he could remember was the face of his family, and then... a face of a little girl... he was bruised and bleeding... but now his wounds were closed thanks to some bandages... he struggled, but the restraints were too strong... soon, he found a large chunk of metal displayed in the far back of the room... almost with pride... a crushed hunk of steel... the man was confused, until... click... the sound of a door

we watched someone enter a room... it was the uniform of a necromantic scholar, a doctor... yet no longer bearing the signature red and black color scheme of the typical doctor... instead... green...

the doctor looked straight into his eyes with the green glow of his mask... it almost looked like a crow watching down at someone vulnerable... unable to speak or move... and the item in his hand... a small cloth ball... keeping eye contact, he let the ball roll off behind him, as the sound of a child would come and begin playing with the ball... in such a bloody and dark room... soon, the doctor would grab the head of the Kin, and began examining his face, his eyebrows... and then, his discolored hair he let loose in pride... the grip was forceful among his leathery grab, before freely letting go... the kin would see the doctor take a few steps back and began writing on a piece of paper... he then stopped, and pulled out the mask of the primordial kin, which was laid on a table above his head, examining its markings... and then writing more notes, the doctor would then speak

did you see three? three people pass away?

the kin hesitant, would nod

good... it seems to be a fairly new trend for kin like you to wear masks...

the doctor would drop the mask, back at the table

use it to act like the ghosts of the dead and avenge them... though, sadly, the dead will never see their vengeance...

the doctor wrote, and spoke under his breath
"signs of delusions", "cunning, and possibly manipulative"

he continued listing more "symptoms" ranging from discoloration of hair and other "erratic" behavior... immediately after, the doctor shined a light into the face of the kin, almost blinding him... the doctor took a deep breath

you will be experiencing lots of pain... so far... I haven't been able to refine the process to be less... unappealing

the kin looked straight at the doctor in much concern

once the process is done... hopefully you will have a future... get a real family... and rehabilitate back into society

swiftly, the kin began struggling at the sight of the doctor's words

if not... I can take more notes and improve the next one... so please... do me a favor and... stay strong... for me... and your future

the Doctor would begin to take a few steps to his table and grabbed a scalpel and other various boiling chemicals, the doctor turned his mask to face the kin, with glowing green eyes

shall we begin?


(I'm not sure if I did good on the spooks part)
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just checking up with the iron guard arc :U

who's still in it?

BTW, I'm completely retconing the chronicle

And rewriting the "rift" as its new replacement

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'I'm just a regular person, in a strange world, trying to sell merchandise"





'I believe in Law, mostly because of peace. But Law doesn't necessarily mean peace.'

She is a merchant, as you can probably tell sense she sets up shop literally everywhere she goes.


She is a merchant trying to sell items to people who are willing to buy or people who deserve her merchandise for free


>*[Value]* / Political power: D
>*[Truth]* / Mental Capacity: Practiced
>*[Life]* / Endurance: Practiced

//{=Physical Skills=}//
>Accuracy: She would be considered an Adept (this will be explained later)
>Evasiveness: She is not physically strong so it would be considered Practiced

Inaffinity: If she doesn't have her mobile Furnace she can not use her abilities.

Spells: With her Mobile Furnace she can create clothing with special abilities, or rather enchantments, but it it limited. She can create only a couple clothing a day, and depending on how powerful said clothing is she can only make one per 3 days.

Living Furnace Shareii: Star possesses some kind of ancient weapon that is a Furnace with a chain attached to it, this Furnace can be used as a mace and blast fire out to attack enemy's. On top of that the Furnace is a living being known as Shareii, a being of pure Flames that aids Star as protection. It is extremely heavy but Star uses the furnaces fire to lift it up to use it.

Star: Even in this world of fighting Star is a pure pacifist, she hates fighting and will avoid it if possible. Star will always try to treat others correctly and with kindness at all times
Shareii: Shareii is a rude Being who criticizes everyone she can see, her only purpose is to protect Star at any cost.

Star was born to a wealthy family of merchants, but their business went down she went out with the family item, the mobile Furnace, she went out to revive her family business.
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