Anyone want to rp??

Some suggestions...
~A pinned post w/the rules,template,ect
~Staff Roster

I can help you with all of these

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I was just an human child that got forgotten in a forest in the dark because my parents were always drunk and usually kicked me. Im so scared, then you...
(Open, I prefer female)

is anyone on?

Anyone wanna rp?

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Name - Stellar

Age - Unknown

Gender - female

Personality - Curious,adventurous,loyal

Sexuality - BI

Lives - no specific home,she keeps moving

Likes - killing, hiding, and scaring passing creatures

Dislikes - Being hunted

Weapons - My teeth, and claws

Skills - running fast, hiding well,blending in and hunting

Friends - herself

Relationship - open

Eats - rabbit/bunny,squirrel,chipmunk and other meats

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Remember wolfies, you don't have to be approved to roleplay :3 

Leo was running around playing with a stick until he threw it the stick hit your head then you got angry and saw me then you...
((Open rp))

Does anyone want to join a wolf pack rp on kik?

+Hay-Wired Wolf 
She nodded and crouched in place, watching Cody and the deer both carefully, hidden in the shadows.
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