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Larmau stories part 1

Laurence:(walks in and jumps on aphmau) come on sleepy head get up
Aphmau:(points at Laurence's legs crossed on her legs)
Laurence:right I'm sorry I just got so exited its almost Christmas
Aphmau:wait really damn I slept so much I forgot
Laurence:be right back (walks out with a cheeky grin then after 3 minutes comes back holding a glass of water)
Aphmau:Laurence no (giggles)
Laurence: (laughs then spills all the water on aphmau)
Aphmau:(pushes Laurence on the bed) hahahaha now your stuck
Laurence:(kisses aphmau) cmon let's get dresses
End of part 1
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Hey guys be free to write roleplays and read my stories
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Your stories are amazeballs
Im going

Since you guys loved part 1 here you go
Larmau story part 2

Laurence: cmon let's get dressed
Aphmau:fine(puts on short purple dress)
Laurence:(puts on shirt and jeans)
Aphmau:I love you we should go to the adoption centre
Laurence:sure but after one question, will you marry me
Aphmau: yes (kisses Laurence and they carry on for two hours)well adoption centre and out of my stomach
Laurence:yeah wait aphmau
Aphmau: what
Laurence: your powers are making it come now
Aphmau:(screams)ya think
Laurence: quick il call ambulance
(After 5 mins the ambulance arrive)
Aphmau:is this really happening(gets Laurence's hand)
Laurence:yes now you should rest
Aphmau:(falls asleep while Laurence walks into the van)
(After one hour)
Aphmau: huh where am i,Laurence
Laurence: you did it the baby is here
Aphmau:let me see her

End of part 2
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