(open family rp) playing in my play pin until the family was about to go shopping

(Open rp) force me to poop and wet my diaper while crying for mommy in my room.

Anyone wanna do a family rp or something

Anyone want to do I forced baby diper bondage rp

Who wants to force me to mess and wet and if I don't beat me

Anyone want to force me to messy and wet and if I don't beat me?

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Anyone want me to force my self to do this and that much?

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Name: Alex

Age: 4

Species: neko has some lion and wolf in him

Gender: male


Like: being messy, wet, cuddles

Dislikes: none I can think of right now

Alex was a cute adorable neko but no one wanted him but you came along and took him with you while he was sleeping. The next morning he wakes up in a crib hungry not knowing what to do so he cries waiting for you to come in

(This can be sexual or non sexual depends on what you want as well as pee drinking, poop eating, and fart smelling those three things are optional you don't have to have those if you don't want to)

What the fuck is this community

I guess this would be a little weird but I know it can be done. Lets start a rp and let it get kinky
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