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While, I won't be closing this community, it is past time for a farewell post.

Luckily, I can do it with a how-to I used to convert LXDE/Lubuntu into a very similar system as Cub. It only takes about 20 minutes after Lubuntu is installed but it may not be for everyone.

As I state clearly in the document, I won't support anyone trying this so do it only if you think it is within your abilities.

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+Google CEO, +Sundar Pichai, talks about CapitalG launching our new office in India, headed by Kaushik Anand:

is the project is still active and where to get stable cub os link.
i want to give it a try

Hola soy nuevo,una pena que el proyecto llegue a su fin :( alguien conoce otro parecido? (dudo que puedan igualarlo) tambien me gustaria pedir los wallpapers de la ultima vercion (en especial uno que tiene una montaña morada verde estilo que va con el estilo numix no la encuentro en ningun otro lado)

Hello Every one, does anybody know how to get involve in the project. I just used Chromixium to back to life an old 2004's Pentium 4 pc and the Os is amazing. It would be a really shame if the project comes to end.

Can Cub OS install and run codeblocks ? Can Cub OS run all the apps that ubuntu can ?

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assalamo aleikum

Is there a way to install Cub linux on top of an existing Ubuntu Install?

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...Hence the name change on this community.
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Chromixium is changing name to Cub Linux. Important announcement at the main website below. Please read and then follow us @ +Cub Linux 

Hi , this day install chromixium 2 times, 32 and 64 bits, in both versions I had the same problem when playing video from chromium both youtube and netflix the mouse pointer stays fixed at a point on the screen but is still operating, move the mouse to other parts of the display are activated, it is only after restarting the PC, which is an HP core 2 Duo 1.8 GHz , 4 GB of RAM and HP mouse ( logitech ) USB , which note is that even before the system upgrade everything worked perfectly , the funny thing is that as I could not solve the problem and decided to install linux lite was the same !!!

this pc works seamlessly with Windows 10 so it is not a physical hardware problem , a greeting from Mexico .

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