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I have decided not to take down this community.

Instead this will be the Land of No Moon

It will be attached to The Clans of Chaos, where Chaos resides!

This way we can keep it here XD

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Important notice please read

I'm sorry to say I'm going to disband this community, it will be up for one more week before it disappears, for now I want to advertise two other communities that I am starting up and linking together. this community will be under construction shortly after the sister community is up and running, the sister community is this one you can join one or the other or both, and I hope to get these communities going sooner rather than later.

Thank you for your cooperation and have a wonderful day for you are wonderful people!

Can we advertise communities here?

Don't done
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
||~ Names Information ~||
Current Name: MuddyWaters
Past Name(s): MuddyKit, MuddyPaw
Future Name(s):IdK Maybe MuddyStar
Nickname(s): Muddy
Origin Of Name: Her Greyish brown mixed pelican
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Gender/Age/Sexuality ~||*
Gender: Female
Age(In Moons): 17 Moons
Sexuality: Bisexual
Sexuality Definition: She could be mates with a Male or female
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Clan Information ~||
Current Clan: ShadowClan
Past Clan(s):RiverClan
Future Clan(s):Shadow Clan
Current Rank: Warrior
Past Rank(s):Kit, Apprentice
Future Ranks(s): Deputy, Leader
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
||~ Appearance ~||
Basic Appearance: A small Sleek fured she cat with large paws and hair tuffs on her head her body is brown mixed with grey and has grey and Tabby markings
Main Pelt Color: Blueish Grey
Secondary Main Pelt Color: Brown
Markings: Dapples and Stripes
Marking Colors: Grey and Black
Eye Color(s): Amber
Inside Ear Color: Pink
Nose Color: Pink
Paw-Pad Color: Pink
Scar(s): None
Accessories(s): None

Weight: 9 Pounds
Height: 4,3
Width: 3'2
Average Size: smaller than a average she cat
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Personality ~||
Basic Personality:
Muddy is a fairly bossy she cat with kindness to her clan mates and friends But hostile to foes she is flirty to anyone and She's very Smart and clever and can find different ways to solve problems
Personality Traits:
Positive Traits: Smart, Kind, caring, And Helping
Neutral Traits: Flirty,
Negative Traits: Hostile, Bossy, Rude,

Cat: SkullStar leader
Breed: Main coon
Clan: Shadow Clan
Prey: Vole
Color: Red
Time Of Day: Noon
Season: Spring
Spot: in the sunny spot in her camp
Place: her Nest
Herb: Poppy seeds
Plant: Cat nip

Cat: Thunderclan
Breed: None
Clan: Thunderclan
Prey: Frog
Color: Blue
Time Of Day: Morning
Season: Winter
Spot: in the middle of camp
Place: Anywhere else
Herb: None
Plant: None
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Relationships ~||
Mother: FadingSky
Father: ShadowHeart
Sister(s): Open
Brother(s): Open
Grandmother: Russian
Grandfather: Unknown
Cousin(s): none

Siblings: Open
Litermates: Open

Best Friends:
Mutual Friends:
Past Friend(s):
Past Enemy(ies):

Current Crush:
Past Crush(es):
Future Crush(es):
Current Mate:
Future Mate:
Past Mate(s):
Mate Preferences:
Past Kit(s):

Current Mentor:
Past Mentor:
Current Apprentice:
Past Apprentice:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Skills ~||
Speed of Thought:

Overall Combat(Battle):
Combat Knowledge:
Combat Performance:

Overall Medic:
Medic Knowledge:
Medic Performance:


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Other ~||
Theme Song:
Zodiac Sign:
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Bio's ~||
Other(Insert other rank here):
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Fun Facts ~||
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 
||~ Credits ~||
Art: By me later one
Mentioned Oc's/Owners: My own Me

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ll Quote ll
"Just because I used to be owned my an up-walker, doesn't mean I don't have wolf blood."

ll General ll
Name: Lumber
Age: 5 years (35 years in humans)
Pack: Fallen Snow
Rank: Healer

ll Relationships ll
Mom: Alaska (Deceased; Gunned down)
Dad: Kenneth (Deceased; Gunned down)
Brothers: [Open, One]
Sisters: None
Crush: None
Mate: None
Pups: None

ll History ll
Lumber was very bad when he was owned. He is bit the up-walker's hand, if they tried to touch him, but it was all in the tease. Near 12 months, Lumber escaped and ran away since his up-walkers became alcoholic and abusive towards him. He found the pack, and wanted to join, but they told him to, "get lost" or, "why aren't you dead yet." Lumber kept on annoying the hunters and fighters until he came to the leader, and accepted him.
Lumber did what he was always told to do. He never got any or anything. Lumber payed attention to his mentor a lot when he healed other wolves. He enjoyed collecting plants, and other resources for Halo, until he met a lone wolf, which was very hostile. Out of the blue the loner attacked Lumber and almost caused him blindness.
Lumber has cured most, without one dying. His record of curing everyone with no death stopped, after he lost a trainee, from stomach cancer. Lumber continuously, using all of the herbs he had. The trainee asked him to stop trying and put him down. Lumber did his bidding by giving him a five yew berries. Everyone started to insult Lumber, but he kept on ignoring it. He simply replied, "I was doing his bidding."
How They Die (in the future):

ll Education ll
Mentor: None
Past Mentor(s): Halo (Female, Deceased; Age)
Apprentice: [Open]
Past Apprentice(s): None

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Template by: +Percabeth Jones​

"Those who fall are not weak they have been strong for too long

Name: Shadow

Past Names: Shade

Future Names: none

Origin of Name: her Jet black pelt

Nickname: Shade

Gender: female

Age: 18 moons

Species: cat

Sexual orientation: only like toms

Clan: Rogue

Rank: none

Status: (umm?)


Pelt Color: black

Headfur Color: black

Inner-ear/Paw-pad Color: ear: Dark gray Paw: light pink

Eye Color: Deep blue

Nose Color: pinkish brown

Accessories: none

Scars/cuts/birthmarks/etc...: Nice

Height: unknown

Length: unknown

Weight: 20 pounds

Pelt Texture: soft and silky

Scent: planted with a slight hint of wolves


Personality:kind,understanding, shy

Likes: hunting, helping, wolves

Dislikes: sitting around, the highway

Weakness: her kindness

Strengths: her Empathy

Fears: fires, twolegs, floods


Right Eye: none

Left Eye: none

Nose: none

Front Right Leg/Paw: none

Front Left Leg/Paw: none

Hind Right Leg/Paw: none

Hind Left Leg/Paw: none

Tail: none


Mother: Ivy dead

Father: Emberblaze

Siblings: Springpelt, Blade

Mate: none,open

Kits: none.


Crush: none,open

Past Crushes: none

Mentor: her mother

Apprentice: open

Friends: open

Enemies: she doesn't really hate any cats.

*She was born a half clan had rogue cat. Hey mother passed away when she leapt in from of a monster to save her kits. From there she lived in the twoleg place with her brother. Until they met Blade and Springpelt chose her instead of Shadow. From there she settled a new home and hands surround the wolves from time to time

Voice: a soft kind and gentle

Theme Song(s): none

Art Credits: Avatar Cat Maker 2


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Template by: +Percabeth Jones​

"I will fight for you"

Name: Sneakystar

Past Names: sneakers, sneakypaw, sneakywave

Future Names: none

Origin of Name: sneaky: my cat is named sneakers. wave: how he loves to swim

Nickname: sneaky

Gender: male

Age: 30 moons

Species: cat

Breed: American shorthair

Sexual orientation: only like she-cats

Clan: Riverclan

Rank: leader

Status: (umm?)


Pelt Color: gray,white,black,and brown

Headfur Color: black,brown,gray,white

Inner-ear/Paw-pad Color: ear: light pink. Paw: light pink

Eye Color: emerald green

Nose Color: pinkish brown

Accessories: none

Scars/cuts/birthmarks/etc...: a scar on his nose

Height: unknown

Length: unknown

Weight: 24 pounds

Pelt Texture: soft and silky

Scent: leaves,and the water


Personality: noble,kind,understanding,leaderlike,just,loyal, Couragus

Likes: hunting, swimming, when his clan is happy

Dislikes: sitting around, when his clan is sad/mad/bored

Weakness: his kindness

Strengths: his nobleness

Fears: fires, his clan being hurt


Agility: 8/10

Defense: 8/10

Endurance: 8/10

Leadership: 10/10

Luck: 8/10

Mercy: 6/10

Stamina: 8/10

Speed: 9/10

Stealth: 6/10

Strength: 7/10

Tactial: 7/10

Overall Fighting Score: 10/10


Climbing: 5/10

Hunting: 6/10

Leaping: 7/10

Running: 8/10

Stalking: 7/10

Swimming: 10/10

Tracking: 6/10

Medicine/Herbs: 3/10

Memory: 9/10


Right Eye: none

Left Eye: none

Nose: none

Front Right Leg/Paw: none

Front Left Leg/Paw: none

Hind Right Leg/Paw: none

Hind Left Leg/Paw: none

Tail: none


Mother: dead

Father: dead

Siblings: open (one must be named patch___ becuase that is his real brother.)

Mate: none,open

Kits: none.


Crush: none,open

Past Crushes: none

Mentor: dead

Apprentice: open

Friends: open

Enemies: he doesn't really hate any cats.

"As a kit, he was a kittypet. He was always noble. Then one day, he finally tracked into the river, and Riverclan asked him to join. He agreed and layer was made a warrior. Then deputy. Then the leader died, and he became leader"

Voice: a soft kind and noble voice

Theme Song(s): eye of the storm (by Ryan Stevenson) Fight song (by Rachael Platten)

Art Credits: the photographer.


May I have Riverclan leader? It's open...

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Quote: None,in roleplay
Basic Information

Name: Storm

Past Name|s|: none

Future Name|s|: none

Name Meaning: Her glowing blue markings

Nickname|s|: None,open

Age: 19-young adult

Gender: female

Sexuality: straight

Sexuality Meaning: ??

Current Clan: Broken Bones

Past Clan|s|: Loner

Future Clan|s|: Unknown,in roleplay

Current Rank: Deputy

Past Rank|s|: Head hunter,Hunter,Fighter,Pup

Future Rank|s|: Alpha

Dead or Alive: Alive

Fur Color: Dark purple or blueish-black

Markings: in picture

Eye Color: black

Nose Color: black

Whiskers: short

Ear Color: same as fur color but inside fur glows purple

Paw Pad Color: blood red

Scars: none

Claws: long and razor sharp

Body Type: slick and sleek

Fur Type: short

Tail Type: long and sleek

Tail Length: long

Scent: a low,foresty scent,as she likes to blend in with the forest

Special Feature|s|: she can change colors and shapeshift into a cat.

Disability|s|: unknown,in roleplay


Mother: Dead

Step Mother: Dead

Father: Dead

Step Father: Dead

Uncle: Dead

Aunt: Dead

Sister|s|: open

Step Sister|s|: open,in roleplay

Brother|s|: open

Step Brother|s|: open,in roleplay

Grand Mother: dead

Grand Father: dead

Kit|s|: open,mate first

Adopted Kit|s|: open,in roleplay

Past Kit|s|: none


Best Friend: open,in roleplay

Friend|s|: open,in roleplay

Past Friend|s|: none

Enemy|s|: open,in roleplay

Rival: open,in roleplay

Crush: open,in roleplay

Past Crush|s|: none

Mate: open,crush first

Past Mate|s|: none

Mentor: none

Apprentice: open,alpha decides

Past Apprentice|s|: none


Swimming:7 /10

Fishing: 3/10

Hunting:9 /10

Stalking:10 /10

Climbing: 6/10

Balance: 8/10

Fighting:7 /10

Dodging:4 /10

Defense: 7/10

Stealth: 8/10

Stamina: 9/10

Running: 10/10

Jumping: 8/10

Tolerance: 2/10

Loyalty:5 /10

Intelligence: 10/10


Positivity:1 /10

Negativity: 5/10

Innocence: 3/10

Scary:10 /10


Personality: stubbern, aggressive,smart,caring sometimes

Good traits: (What do you mean?)

Bad traits: (What do you mean?)

First Impressions: (What do you mean?)

Lasting Impressions: (What do you mean?)

Likes: unknown

Dislikes: unknown

Secrets: her biography,unknown

Fears: being beat,unknown

Biography: secret

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Willowpaw shifted her paws nervously. Bluebelly forced her to go talk to other cats, but there were just so many of them! She stuck close to her sister, Juniperpaw, who was talking to a Shadowclan apprentice.
"I'm going to go talk to my mentor," the apprentice meowed, "but I'll be back soon!"
"Bye, Turtlepaw!" Juniperpaw called as the tortoiseshell she-cat strutted away. Immediately, Juniperpaw whirled around to face her sister.
"Willowpaw," she whined, "Why are you just sitting there watching me talk?"
"Well," she responded, shuffling her paws, caught off guard by the question, "I have no one else to talk to."
"Try!" she mewed, and padded off after Turtlepaw.
Willowpaw slumped down. This would be a long night. She flexed her claws and tried to invest herself in other cat's conversations.
"The prey is poor....Shoots of Dandelion....Wispcloud's kits...."
"I told you, Moorpaw, you need to go TALK to someone." Willowpaw pricked her ears. That sounded like what Juniperpaw had said to her! She turned her white head to see a handsome young tom the color of sand with tabby stripes and a diamond-shaped marking on his forehead sitting in front of a dust-colored tom. "If you weren't going to talk to anyone, why did you go to the gathering?"
"I...I dunno, Dustrunner, I just..." he trailed off and shuffled his paws guiltily.
"Go talk to someone!" As Dustrunner padded away, the apprentice got to his feet and turned to face Willowpaw. He locked eyes with her for a second. Willowpaw quickly darted her gaze away, but it was to late. He was already padding towards her.

~Stay tuned for Part 2~
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