I don't know whether it's Faith or what would you call it trying to shoot myself 3 times all three times none of the bullets work. I guess the only way is to hang myself. That's the only way that works. I'm just tired of life feeling like a failure dealing with this cancer issue I know it's selfish and my family would be upset but it's only so much you can take before you reach your Breaking Point and I've gone beyond that Breaking Point I'm throwing in the towel I'm just ready to lay it down

hey in new here and need some one to talk to idc who jst someone who will listen

So the love of my life the woman I had intended to ask to marry me broke up with me

thankyou to all our new members. i really love how u invite and everything, god bless you all.

My name is Drew Ann I am new here. I am here to help and to get to know all of you. I am here just to listen to anybody that needs me. I care and I want to help. When I was sducidal I had no one to turn to. Thank The Lord that I am still here. So I have vowed to give back and to help others. I suffer with ptsd and manic depression and server panic attacks. I have been on my meds. Since 2008 but before that I was a mess. But now since they have me on the right medication I am learning to finally love myself.

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Hello everyone and thank you for the invitation to become a member of your group. However, I am not suicidal, but I am chronically depressed due to the fact that I have been paralyzed since June 29, 1994 from my neck down and also from my neck down to my toes and the rest of my body I feel like I have been doused with gasoline and let on fire. I have contemplated suicide before, but I have found Jesus Christ and my purpose that he has for me to take care of, which is the youth of today. Whether they are perfectly all right, getting into trouble, suicidal, being bullied or just need someone to talk to in order to help them overcome whatever challenges or obstacles that they may be facing. I am a peer mentor, motivational speaker and also am currently enrolled at Oral Roberts University where I am currently majoring in Church Ministries and minoring in Christian Caregiving, so that I can open a church with a youth center for teenagers and young adults from the ages of 13-25 years old. My goals are to eradicate localities you already are to eradicate bullying from public schools, to put an end to teenagers/young adults from committing suicide, counseling teenagers/young adults about substance abuse and to break the cycle of teenagers and young adults from going in and out of Juvenile Detention Centers and adult prisons. If anyone is contemplating suicide please feel free to call me at either [407]782-6092 cell or [407]268-5483 home or if you just need to talk about anything that is bothering you either physically, emotionally or spiritually. God bless everyone, Brian Cross
Brian Cross and Coco my son
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I love all ya'll, stay strong
~love Sam

Thx for inviting me to this community :)

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