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Have you read this great work by Dave McGowan on laurel canyon and the lookout mountain labs hidden in the heart of laurel canyon and the massive amount of murders inside the canyon in the 60/70/80 on and on plus almost every band that came out of l,c, was linked to MILLARTY intelligents for example ,,,Jim Morrison ,,Frank zappa Steven stills plus many others all linked to the industrial MILLARTY complex. This is just a taste if what really happened in l,c decades ago

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Last night I posted a new instrumental jazz track to SoundCloud, entitled "Coldwater Suite", with a link therein to the sheet music, which is available as a free download. The whole shebang is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, as I have no fear of others taking this spare arrangement to new and better places.

The track is in honor of my memories of Studio City, particularly in the vicinities of Coldwater Canyon Blvd & Laurel Canyon Blvd.
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