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Canon Character List (SAO)
Kirito: Taken by +The Maelstrom
Asuna: OPEN
Sinon: Taken by +Shinon Asada-chan
Leafa: OPEN
Yuuki: Taken by me
Agil: OPEN
Klein: OPEN
Silica: OPEN

Canon Character List (AoT)
Eren: Taken by +The Maelstrom
Mikasa: OPEN
Armin: OPEN
Levi: OPEN
Jean: OPEN
Marco: OPEN
Reiner: Taken by me
Bertholdt: OPEN
Ymir: OPEN
Annie: OPEN
Christa: OPEN
Hanjii: Taken by +Corona Michelias

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I need help coming up with lore and story background to base off basically everyone dead even the Tailed beast users and all the Tailed beast we're resealed Uchiha clan nearly extinct again Huyuga clan and such are limited I have rules and systems done already just need mods and such.

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Heyyy, a few weeks later but tht doesn't matter. Anyone rrrpp??

Mm, we cud try reviving this? Maybe?

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This place dead?

I think this place is ded.

Can I be Annie leon hearth

Is it just me or has this place lost members?

Yuuki paced the top of Wall Maria, waiting for Aiden to show up. She was wearing her ODM Gear, but didn't have any blades.

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