Anybody have a yandere rp I can do (I play as the victim)

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Athena was a child who was bullied and also beaten up by her boyfriend her dad or her friends. She soon moved once the law was called, she put into a hospital after becoming unstable, she refused to eat or even talk to anyone, so they sent a man In to try to help her, she ate very little and would punch the wall.when she upset, but everything change once she warm up to the man and soon was released from the hospital, she went to live with the man but her bad habit never change and they got worse, she would get into fight and would starve her self, the man become old and couldn't deal with Athena tantrums anymore, so she hired you man you deal with girl who have problems likes this, most people called you miracle workers, and the people who hated you said you just had sex with them to make the shut up but that wasn't true. You arrived at a bad times the old man had gotten on to Anthena for getting into a fight and Athena just snap and had a bad tantrum and had threw a vase on the ground. "Why did you adopt me if you hate me!?" She yelled before going up to her room slamming the door shut. You knew you had your work cut out for you help clean up the mess before heading upstairs and...


one. 5+ lines
two, act strict and don't give into her crap
three, be simi descriptive
password troublemaker
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Your name is terezi pyrope you hunting a dangerous man his name was John Stewart he was famous for his terrorist attacks on monuments, legal building, capital building almost everything. You closed on his location

====>be john

you are now john
"Ohh god not the cop-pmhufffs" your sorry you... Just can't say that with a straight face, you look at at your computer as you see the "seer of mind". You know what's she's here for and that means you get to have some fun

====> john grab wrench

you grab your bloodied wrench and a demented smile grows on your face remember your past victims

====>john go down confirmed kills

87 cops
37 senate members
-5 cartels
-2 royal armies
-2 kings
-13 agents
And over 100 unconfirmed kills

====>john grab your boomstick

you grab your boomstick and equip them to your strife specibus and your wrench and your knife

-shotgun kind

-wrench kind

-dagger kind

====>be terezi
you are now terezi
you approach his hide out it smelled like...cherries witch ment one thing he's killed someone new

====>john see terezi


====>john pull a assassin creed black flag
you pull a acbf by shooting a chain and a you grab on as you quickly descended down ward

====>Terezi strife

//time skip//

You lead john into a obvious trap and he sets it off and it was amazing. 3 high powered magnets popped up and and blasted with it but it seemed inhumane the way its hurts it was tearing him apart but the weird thing is that he started laughing as his body glitches about from the magnet when the power was your commanding officer

Terezi: WH4T TH3 H3LL

C/o: we need him alive

Terezi: WHY

C/o:we need his skills

Terezi: STILL


john: so why haven't you shot me in the back of the head

C/O: we need you alive

John: fine

//time skip//

====>be john

wow they had you chained down with a magnetic field for good measure

C/O: I have a deal for you, you work for us we

John: hey how about you take your little deal and go fuck your self with it

C/O: fine then the hard way

//Time skip//

After 8 straight days of torture he finally agreed and me and you where paired together

I drive to a ice cream shop

Terezi: why 4r3 w3 h3r3

John: ammo, guns, mint chocolate chip

Terezi: wh4t

John: you'll see~~

Rules: you are terez
This is a au where humans and trolls live together
This is a very very slow love role play

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Please read the first text in parentheses, I did not steal this character.
(This is the original profile for "Antonio Summers", and I am the original creator. This character was used by Jonathan winters — whom I've made a character in memory of — with permission.)

Quotes: “You can't kill your fears, nightmares, or doubts, you're doomed to remember them for the rest of your existence.."

First name: Antonio
Last name: Summers
Nickname: Fear

Personality: Withdrawn, semi-social, protective.

Age: 2,538

Species: Specimen-X (Demonic/Humunculous/Dragon hunter)

Gender: Male

Likes: Engaging in battle, singing, romance.

Dislikes: Crowded areas,

Primary: Alchemy/Dark magic
Secondary: A sword forged from the 7th star of Teju, the dark nebula.
Lethal(s): Silver daggers


Most of the abilities of the previous humunculi.

Ultimate shield
Ultimate eye
Ultimate spear
Regenerative properties
The ability to transmute without a transmutation circle
Inhuman speed
Inhuman strength

And then some..

Manifestation of reality
Conversion into different states of matter
Time jumping
Possessing vehicles
Possessing weapons
Possessing physical beings
Creating space portals

Transformation(s): Dragon

Weakness: Instead of organs, his true form has a pentagram of philosopher's stones in his chest. If it is broken for longer than 24 hours, he will die, with no way to come back.

Appearance: (Below)

His creator, the one he calls father (Robert summers) was an alchemist, though the rest of the world called him "Magician". He'd grown so much in his knowledge that he considered himself a god, so he decided, what is a god, if it does not create? The previous day, Robert had learned the secret of the philosopher's stones, and he intended to put it to use. Robert was also a sadist, and worked for the devil. When Lucifer heard of Robert's plans to create this creature, he feared that it might grow stronger than him.

When Robert was in the making of Antonio, Lucifer sent a demon to possess the philosopher's stones, and arrange them into a certain shape. He sent his most trusted guard and assassin, azuki. A synthetic body was created for Antonio, the stones were on place, it was time. Robert waited.. And waited.. For three days, he waited.

On the fourth day, he decided that he had failed. He took his knife and prepared to remove the stones. When the knife was an inch above the body's chest, Antonio grabbed Robert's arm and through him into the wall. He was **ALIVE!!

Antonio got up, taking some clothes, and a mask, and leaving. He disappeared into the night.

(Antonio was created in the year 1995 AD, but accidentally triggered his powers in 2000, and jumped back to the year 538 BC. He's waited.. And waited to return to his own time. He's now living in the year 2016.)

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Hana was was a powerful hunter but wanted in the vampire eyes. She had killed many vampire but for her own safety. She almost killed the vampire prince twice but he manges to escape Everytime.

Hana had got herself into deep. She had gotten caught, your sister the vampire princess wanted to see why I was dangerous she ask them to un handcuff me and with they did I went after her to kill and I almost killed her gliding my blade near her face. You had slam me to the ground and pinned me down before I could cause damage and gasp as my back hit the ground.

"Why hello mage" your voice rang out in a harsh cold tone. I tried to push you off but I failed so I use the one thing I knew would work and I use magic that sent you into the wall and I grab my knife and went after your sister again this time cutting her cheek then I went to slit her throat and you...
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You and your gang basically ran our school everyone was scared of you and your gang and they had right to be. There were rumors that you've killed people. Your father ran the school so even the teachers fear you. Now for me I wasn't popular I had a few friends I would hang out with, I was fine how I was and I didn't think anything bad would happen but I was wrong. I was dead wrong. Today at lunch I went to get up and I was holding a strawberry smoothie and I didn't see you and I bump right into you spilling the smoothie all over your shirt. Everyone gasp as they saw you look down at your shirt. My heart kept beating extremely fast I thought I was going die. But to my surprise, all you did was smirk before wiping it off your shirt and onto floor

Young hana: I am so sorry I'll pay for dry cleaning. I am really sorry I didn't see you and.

Y/n: pay for dry cleaning! How is that gonna help for the fact my brand new shirt is ruined because some dumb kluzt doesn't pay attention to the fuck she doing!

You yelled, I flinch stepping back but my back hit the table. I keep my eyes fixed on the ground not daring to look up you but you lean in and whispers "you're gonna regret ever meeting me pet!" I flinch at your word. I pushed you back not thinking what I am doing and you look at him smirking and you

3+ lines
Being cold, cruel and mean
State name and ask before Joining

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You were a prince/princess, and I was your fathers champion. A former assassin, but a beautiful young woman, I was 17, and you haven't met me yet, sense I was new to the court, but you've heard of me, of my light brown hair and strange Ice blue eyes, and of my skin, how it was unusually tan for this far up north, so when I walked into the masquerade ball, it was rather easy to spot me, I carried myself with pride, and when they announced who i was, a few gasps rolled from the crowd, my name was Lilith Blaze, when I came down from the top of the stairs, the captain of the royal guard met me, and bowed, he was to act as my guard of sorts, sense I was pretending to be a court lady from the southern courts, visiting, until the king could find an excuse for me to be here, you started to make your way to me, once you were in front of me I curtsied then you...
((open, no text talk))
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Real Name: Lilith Blaze
Fake Name/ Street Name: Scarlett Hunt
Assassin Name: Darkblade
Guild Name, and position: Dark hand, and is right hand
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Occupation: Assassin
Height: 5'5
Weight: 95-115
Likes: Daggers, danger, friends
Dislikes: Bullies, Enemies
Weapons: Two daggers, a sword at her Side, small hidden blades or a bow depending on the situation
Appearance: Again, depends on the situation, If she's on the job, black armor with a hood, her long black hair hidden. If she's visiting a palace, or at home she wears gowns, always has on a skull necklace, her blue eyes shift colors depending on her mood and the lighting.
Extra notes: No one knows that one of the most notable killers is a 17 year old girl.
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Unexpected love.

Alex Moon was 17, and, if anyone was to describe her with one word, quiet. She just faded into the background, trying to keep herself distant from everyone. Unfortunately, that was just the type of person that everyone LOVED to hate. So she remained in her shell while other students used her as a punching bag, sometimes literally, sometimes figuratively. She'd go about her day as an enigma, seemingly never fazed by the harassment.
She never fought back.

And then there's you. You are what most people would consider a delinquent. And if there's anything you know, it's that every girl practically salivated when you come close. Girls just like bad boys, you would think with growing amusement.
Heh, well, almost every girl.

See, Alex never gave thought to anything related to romance. Sure, she'd occasionally see an individual who she deemed handsome, but she never thought about approaching them. She was a very nervous sort of girl after all.
And lately, she'd been getting even quieter. She didn't even speak at school anymore, not answering questions by the teachers in the classes. You find yourself giving her the odd glance or two, watching as she doodled on a notebook or stared into space.

One day, you end up walking near the back of the school, and hear a commotion. Interested and a little excited at the prospect of a fight, you draw near, only to be a bit disappointed when you see it's just Alex and some teenagers trying to be 'bad'. They had ripped her backpack away from her and were tearing through it, ripping her papers and breaking possessions. She just stood there and watched them, numb. A photograph fluttered to the ground, and surprise sparked in her eyes before she lunged for it, receiving a slap to the face for her trouble.

What Will You Do?

Proper grammar and punctuation!
Try not to have any one liners please!
Have fun!

_Hentai is allowed, but later in the story, if we progress that far._

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(Update Profile)

Name: KirbyPie
Nickname: Kirby, KP
Gender: Female
Likes: People, Partys, Food, Helping others feel better.
Dislikes: Death.Seeing people get harmed.Cursing
Boyfriend, Girlfriend, ETC: Doesn't have one
Personality: Unknown

Appearance: Is a little pink puffball,Wearing a rainbow sweater,has a fluffy hoodie.Hair and tail looks like Pinkypie's.Wears headphones and Has blue eyes.

Powers: Unknown...
Friends: Has too many to count
Catch phrase: "Poyo"

Bio: Is a Test subject from her planet and wasn't treated well.....until she met 6 others Kirby that were also test subjects but Kirbypie saw them as...Sisters...They all got along and became a family by then...Until..the Destruction of there planet happened....Kirbypie Felt Heartbreak and Devastation through out her life...being separated from her family...Ever since then she always helped others and made friends....but he couldn't really fight the pain inside she always was silent sometimes.....

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