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How to apply for citizenship:

You should post only in Apply for citizenship topic, in any other cases your post will be deleted.

Template (copy it):

Place of birth:
Date of birth:
Why do you want to get VRG+ citizenship?:


Name: Dmitrij
Surname: Ząbelin
Place of birth: Poland
Date of birth: 8/7/1999
Why do you want to get VRG+ citizenship?: Because I think that I'm the one who Republic needs and I'm ready to help with design, writing constitution and help with anthem.

P.S. date of birth fills in MM/DD/YYYY format

Attention all citizens and visitors
During the next week, you'll have a chance to become a prime mister of Republic.

All what you need to do is:
• Be a republican citizen. Read how to apply for citizenship in community.
• Accept invite to Voting event that you going to get in a short time.
• Tell about yourself in comments below Voting event.

Prime minister is a very serious and responsible role in parliament. As a prime minister, you'll need to obey republican laws and serve your country as loyal as you can.

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Attention all Republic citizens and newcomers, constitution is being written and we need your help. Anyone who's interested, you can give us a hand.

If you're interested, you should contact me in Hangouts and I'll share it with you. 
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