Gamergate is just teenagers abusing women in the industry? Come on guys I'd of though you'd at least have looked into it before attempting to cover it.

There has been just as many doxxings, death threats and harassment from GG detractors but that's not the point.  There's nuts on all sides what will harass people online but that doesn't take away from the core premise that mainstream gaming journalism as it stands is totally corrupt.

It being uncovered that a dev had a relationship with a journalist who then gave favorable reviews for a mediocre at best game was just the start.  Then reddit and 4chan mods (yes, 4chan) we're censoring any discussion on the topic.  Then when around 15 supposedly independent games news websites post similar stories about how "gamers are dead" it cranked up big time.  Then the GameJurnoPros list was leaked backing that up even further.

Yes, harassment of anyone online or otherwise isn't right, and should be condemned, but you didn't even mention the near $17,000 dollars raised by GG supporters for an anti-bullying charity, or over $5,000 for a suicide prevention charity, among other fundraisers.  Not to mention the fact that the 2 main hubs where anyone supporting GG wants to discuss it ( and will BAN on the spot anyone inciting harassment of any sort.

Don't for a second believe that GG supporters want women out of gaming.  That's simply not true.  Gawker Media et al are in full on damage control mode since advertisers are pulling out due to their questionable ethics being uncovered.

Thank you for reading.

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The @BritishTech Gamer Show is up ‘Dressing gown made of Yak pubes’ with Sam, Chis &@paulwheatley.

Please DL & RT

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The @BritishTech Gamer Show ‘Fish playing Pokemon with Chis’s hairy nipple tassels’ with @paulwheatley Sam & Chis

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+THE GAMER SHOW I recently listened to this past weeks PodCast "Mr Scampi".  I liked your idea of having the viewers / listeners pick the reviews.  I'd like to suggest "Shadow Blade" by Crescent Moon Games.  This game is available on Google Play and iOS for $1.99 USD / GameStick and Mac App Store for $4.99 USD.

Here's my short description:
Shadow Blade is a nice retro platformer available for iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch), Mac OS X (10.6.6 and higher), Google Play and GameStick.  I've purchased for iOS, Mac OS X and GameStick.

On iOS, the game uses touch control (gesture and virtual controls).  On Mac OS, the game uses the keyboard.  On GameStick, it uses the controller and supports 1080p TV screen.

On all platforms, the controls are fluid and animations are smooth.  Music and sound effects are great.  Highly recommended!

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The Mac Show is LIVE today at 3pm - Please note the time change - We have @JohnFBraun,+Kelly Guimont  +Jeff Gamet  +Adam Christianson  +Michael Johnston  and of course +Will Green 

We will be on Livestream at -

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The Help Show community is for all of you to use to post issues and find solutions. Get posting and Get Helping

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A Sobering thought for us all…

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