How come I feel like I can never have anything that is just mine?

Isn't it funny that how if you talk to a guy now its called flirting but like two years ago it was being polite???

ok well i guess no one is gonna join so ima just delete this community

So who really likes 1D and why?

i thought that if i cried i could move on
but ever since i died inside nothing 
shines bright
i see no rainbows
no sunshine 
no flowers 
all because i got lost
i thought that this time could be different
but now all i see is the same
wondering why i cant ever be happy 
or maybe even sane
why do you make me cry?
why did you have to die?

Why can no one ever be themselves?
Why wear a mask?
why be the same?
why lie?
why not laugh all the time?
why does it matter what i wear?
who are you to judge me?
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